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1300 255 835

(1300 ALLTEL)

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Alltel’s specialist business telecommunication solutions are helping Australian businesses grow.

Want your phone
Answered when
You’re unavailable?

No more missed calls – we’ll answer
your calls when you can’t

Live Answering Services

  • 24/7
  • Email & SMS
  • Australian-based
  • Customised greeting
  • Never miss a call
  • Sound professional

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Fax Solutions,
Call Recording,
Voiceovers & More!

Clever products to give you
that “big-business” look

Virtual Office Services

  • Big company solutions on a start-up budget
  • Increase your professional look
  • Helps your business to stay connected

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Look professional
With a 1300 number

Beef up your business and
attract more customers

1300 Numbers

  • No contracts
  • Included features
  • Free reporting tool
  • Easy sign-up
  • National presence

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Want advanced
Phone features at
Reduced cost?

Paying too much for your
business phone system?

Business Phone Systems

  • Low call rates
  • NBN-ready
  • Eliminate line rental
  • IP technology
  • Feature-packed
  • Mobile integration

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Want your business
Phone number to
spell a word?

Choose a number that
represents your business


  • Easy-to-remember
  • Yours for the life of your business
  • No contracts

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Want the Fastest
Connection speed

Get lightning-fast Broadband

Business Broadband Internet

  • No excess usage charges – huge plans
  • Business-grade network
  • Bundle phone + internet & SAVE

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