How Do You Want YOUR 13 Numbers to Work?

After you complete your application, we will set up your 13 number for you. If we require additional information, we will call you. During the online application, you can choose from different 13 number routing options.

13 numbers are highly configurable, and can be set up to route (or redirect) to different destination numbers under different conditions such as:

  • at different times of the day or week
  • in different geographical locations
  • according to the caller’s location

Because these numbers do not require a physical phone line, you can configure them to have calls answered in any of the following ways:

  • The most common number routing configuration is to start by ringing your nominated business number, mobile phone or home-office phone number. If that number is busy or you don’t answer within a specified time (say 10 seconds), the number can be configured to automatically redirect to a second number (for example, to an Alltel live answering operator or Voice2Email service).
  • If your calls are routed (redirected) to Alltel’s Live Answering Service, they can be handled in a number of ways according to your requirements. Our live answering receptionists greet callers using your business name, and then take a message (which they forward to you via email, SMS and customer portal).
  • Another popular 13 number routing option is to forward calls to our automated touchtone Call Forwarding IVR menu, which allows callers to quickly select the person or department they want to talk to.
  • You can also route calls to Alltel’s Voice2Email service, where the caller leaves a message, which is then converted to a WAV file and sent to you as an email attachment.