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13 Numbers make your business stand out

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13 numbers allow customers from all over the country to call your business for the cost of a local call. They work in much the same way as 1300 Numbers, with the main difference being their shorter length:

13 13 13 (6-digit 13 Numbers)
1300 130 130 (10-digit 1300 Numbers)

13 Numbers also attract a government surcharge of $7980 per annum or $848.84 per month (excluding GST), which is payable on top of your monthly rental and call view charges.

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Benefits of an Alltel 13 Number
  • Increase sales and leads
    • Encourage customers to call your 13 number.
  • Time-based routing included
    • Route calls based on time of day or day of week.
  • Short 6 digit number
    • A business phone number that is easy to remember.
  • Quick & easy sign up
    • Our business consultants help you at every step.


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What Do 13 Numbers Cost?

Most Popular
Image of landline handset Calls answered on
your landline
Local calls
National calls
Mobile calls
Image of landline handset Calls answered on
your mobile
$ 14
4.5c min
10.7c min
16.7c min
29.9c min
$ 19
30 min FREE/call
then 4.4c/min
9.7c min
10.7c min
23.9c min

13 numbers in Australia attract a government surcharge of $7980 per annum excluding GST (if paid in advance) or $848.84 per month (includes administration fee when paid in monthly installment). Note that this surcharge does NOT apply to 1300 numbers.

$ 29
5.7c min
6.7c min
16.9c min
Things you should know:
  • All prices quoted exclude GST.
  • A one-time $19 setup fee applies.
  • A government surcharge of $7980 per annum (or $848.84 per month) applies in addition to Alltel's monthly fees and charges for 13 Numbers.
  • Unless otherwise stated, there are NO term contracts.
  • We require one calendar month written notice to cancel your service or change provider.
  • Call rates above are shown per minute.
  • Calls are billed pro-rata in one-second increments.
  • No minimum monthly call spend. No flagfall. No call connection fee.
  • Minimum cost for service (including $19 setup fee) is $33+GST+government surcharge.
  • Plans can be upgraded/downgraded at any time for free: changes come into effect at the beginning of the next calendar month.
  • Complex routing/barring configurations typically incur additional set up and monthly fees.
  • Landlines include any fixed line service including fixed phone lines, live answering services and fax machines.
  • Alltel's services are available only to credit-approved customers.
  • Fees apply when making changes to answering points and routing for existing services.
  • A cancellation fee of $25 may apply if you cancel your service within the first 12 months.
  • Additional account fees may also apply.

View our Critical Information Summary (CIS) for this product.

Which Phones Do You Want your 13 Number to Ring?

You have complete control over which phone (or phones) incoming calls are "routed" to when someone dials your 13 number.
(You can learn more about routing here.)

  Routing Options Monthly Fee
  Australia-wide routing FREE*
  State-based routing FREE*
  Region-based routing $29
  Area-based routing $49
  Exchange-based routing $75
  Postcode prompting $300
  Time-based routing FREE*
  Call splaying FREE*
  Call forward FREE*
  Emergency routing plan FREE*
  Call barring FREE*

* Note that some complex routing options may attract additional monthly charges to your 13 number. See details of all 13 number fees & charges.

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How Do 13 Numbers Work?

A 13 Number is a computerised "inbound" number that can be directed to any phone you choose including a landline, mobile, VoIP, fax or live answering service. There's no need to install new phone lines: you simply answer the calls on your existing phones.

These numbers are for receiving incoming calls only—you still use your regular phone to make outgoing calls.

13 Numbers can be configured to meet your business needs. They are highly flexible, giving you complete control over which phones ring when. This is called routing, and here are just a few examples:

  • Ring your office landline during business hours, and ring your live answering service or mobile number after hours.
  • Ring the office closest to your caller's location (right down to the local Telstra exchange)—for example, direct all calls from Victoria to your Melbourne office and all calls from Queensland to your Brisbane office.
  • Share incoming calls equally between your sales or support team.
  • Find out more about the available 13 Number routing options.

How Do You Get a 13 Number?

You can get a 13 Number in either of the following ways:

  • By purchasing a 13 Number through the www.thenumberingsystem.com.au/ government Smartnumber web site (prices start from $250).
  • Free 13 Numbers are also available from Alltel. Please phone our Customer Care Team on 1300 ALLTEL (1300 255 835), and we'll help you select the best available number.

How Much Does it Cost Your Customers to Call?

13 Numbers provide low-cost calls when dialled from Australian landlines, which help encourage more customers to call:

  • When dialled from any Australian landline, calls are charged the cost of a local call.
  • When dialled from a VoIP phone, calls are charged at a cost determined by the VoIP carrier (usually the cost of a local call).
  • When dialled from a mobile phone, calls are charged at a cost determined by the mobile carrier, with some carriers including 13 and 1300 calls in their caps and plans and others charging extra for these calls.

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What Are the Differences Between 1800, 1300 and 13 Numbers?

1800 numbers provide customers with free-call access to your business when dialled from a landline. This makes 1800 numbers a great choice for customer service hotlines or for businesses seeking an advantage in their lead generation activities.

For advice on the right type of number for your business, contact our Business Consultants on 1300 255 835 or send us an email.

No annual government fees
Plans from $14 p/month
Australia-wide number
Mobile, landline, fax compatible
IVR/Auto Attendant compatible
Inbound reporting access

Premium Status
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No annual government fees
Plans from $14 p/month
Australia-wide number
Mobile, landline, fax compatible
IVR/Auto Attendant compatible
Inbound reporting access
Free to call for your customers

Premium Status
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$7,980 government fee
Plans from $14 p/month
Australia-wide number
Mobile, landline, fax compatible
IVR/Auto Attendant compatible
Inbound reporting access

Premium Status
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View routing options

*Calls made from mobile phones to 1800, 1300 and 13 numbers are charged at a cost determined by the caller's mobile carrier.

Which Type of Number is Right for You?

13 Numbers attract a $7980 annual government surcharge, which makes them more suited to larger businesses looking for a short, easy-to-remember phone number.

There is no difference in the functionality of 1800 Numbers and 1300 Numbers and they both come with plans starting from just $14 a month, so it really comes down to your business needs:

  • Choose a 1800 Number if its important for you to be able to provide a free-call option for your customers.
  • Choose a 1300 Number if you're going to be receiving a large number of local landline-to-landline calls (to take advantage of FREE talk time minutes).
  • If neither one of the above is important to you, choose the number you like best! Search through our list of currently available 1800 and 1300 numbers.
  • Learn more about the differences between 1300 and 1800 numbers.

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How Do You Want YOUR 13 Numbers to Work?

After you complete your application, we will set up your 13 number for you. If we require additional information, we will call you. During the online application, you can choose from different routing options.

13 numbers are highly configurable, and can be set up to route (or redirect) to different destination numbers under different conditions such as:

  • at different times of the day or week
  • in different geographical locations
  • according to the caller's location

Because these numbers do not require a physical phone line, you can configure them to be answered in any of the following ways:

  • The most common configuration is to start by ringing your nominated business number, mobile phone or home-office phone number. If that number is busy or you don't answer within a specified time (say 10 seconds), the number can be configured to automatically redirect to a second number (for example, to an Alltel live answering operator or Voice2Email service).
  • If your calls are routed (redirected) to Alltel's Live Answering Service, they can be handled in a number of ways according to your requirements. Our live answering receptionists greet callers using your business name, and then take a message (which they forward to you via email, SMS and customer portal).
  • Another popular option is to forward calls to our automated touchtone Call Forwarding IVR menu, which allows callers to quickly select the person or department they want to talk to.
  • You can also route calls to Alltel's Voice2Email service, where the caller leaves a message, which is then converted to a WAV file and sent to you as an email attachment.

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Why Does Your Business Need an Alltel 13 Number?


Advertise a phone number that's easy to remember

These short (6-digit) numbers are very easy to remember, which makes them ideal to use in marketing campaigns.


Give your business a more professional image

Many of Australia's top businesses use 13 phone numbers: get one for your business and you'll look like you're in the big league!


Encourage more customers to call

Customers can phone you for the cost of a local call from any landline in Australia.


Stop missing calls (and potential business)!

Automatically forward calls to a second (or third) number at times when you're not able to answer the phone.


Spend your marketing dollars more effectively

Take advantage of built-in reports that show details of all calls and help you measure return on investment.


Give your business a national presence

Attract customers from all around the country—your 13 Number works Australia-wide.


Route calls to different numbers based on the time of day

For example, outside of regular office hours you can automatically route all calls to your mobile phone or an Alltel Live Answering Service.


Route calls to different locations based on caller location

For example, automatically route West Australian callers to your Perth office and callers from New South Wales to your Sydney office.


Save money with free local calls

Alltel was the first to offer "free talk-time", which lets you receive local landline-to-landline calls for FREE!


Limit disruptions for the life of your business

It's quick and easy to redirect your 13 phone number, which keeps your phones ringing if you relocate or expand.

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