Making 1300 Numbers and 1800 Numbers Easier to Remember

After deciding that you want to get a 1300 number or 1800 number for your business, the next thing you need to do is to choose the actual number.

One of the key things you should look for is a number that is easy to remember. The dream number for most businesses is one that spells their business name or describes the type of work they do, e.g. 1300 ALLTEL or 1800 TENNIS.

Unfortunately, your dream number is not always available (someone might have beat you to it!), so your next best option is to get a number with a good numeric pattern that is easy to remember.

You’ve got three options when it comes to choosing your number. We’re listing them here in the order we recommend:

  1. SmartnumbersVisit the web site to see whether the phoneword number you want is available. If it is, you need to register on the site, apply for the number, and then place a bid on it. Once you win the auction for your chosen number, contact the telco provider of your choice to arrange to get it connected.
  2. Visit the web sites of 1300 number and 1800 number providers to see what numbers they have available. Many telcos offer these numbers at a significantly lower price than you’ll pay for a smartnumber. At Alltel, we search through the list of available numbers each day and reserve those with patterns or repeating digits for the exclusive use of our customers. When looking at these numbers, you can also use a tool like, which will create words out of any phone number you enter. View the 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers currently available from Alltel.
  3. If the number you have your heart set on has been purchased by a phoneword company, you can contact them to see whether it is available for lease. Before you decide to lease a number, you need to be fully aware of how much it is going to cost you, whether the number will ever be yours, and what their policy is if you ever have a falling out with your provider. We recommend you read Should You Lease or Buy 1300 Numbers/1800 Numbers before signing up with any phoneword company.

Once you’ve got your number, make the most out of it by advertising it in a way that makes it most memorable.

Displaying or Advertising 1800 and 1300 Numbers

If it’s a phoneword, it’s a good idea to always include both the phoneword and the actual digit phone number (not all phones make it easy to dial a word!). For example, Alltel always advertises our phone number as 1300 ALLTEL (1300 255 835).

If it’s a good numeric number, make the most of any patterns it contains to make the number easier to remember and easier to dial. For example, which of the following numbers do you find the easiest to remember?

  • 1300255855
  • 1300 255855
  • 1300 255 855
  • 1300 25 58 55

Most people who look at this find the third number easier to remember than any of the others. This shows that it’s not just the number that is important, but also how you present it and where you put your spaces! Look to see where the patterns occur in your number, and display it with spaces accordingly.

The easier you make your number to remember, the more people are likely to call. Make the most of your 1300 number and 1800 number by maximising the number of calls you receive and the amount of business it brings in.