Alltel 1300 Numbers

A business 1300 number that adapts to your needs.

Whatever industry you’re in, Alltel 1300 inbound numbers can be customised to work exactly how you want it. There are countless ways your new 1300 number can be set up so it fits like a glove, and suits your exact business needs.

Whether you run a home office, work on the road, or switch between multiple sites, your callers can easily reach you through a single business number. 1300 numbers help manage your time better by giving you the ability to redirect calls to your preferred phone lines based on the caller’s location, time and day, or your availability.

1300 numbers are ‘Local Call Numbers’ that are widely used by Australian businesses as a single point of access. Much like 13 and 1800 numbers, a 1300 number is a virtual inbound service that makes call management more efficient by redirecting calls to one or more of your existing phone lines including: home or office phones, mobiles, fax, VoIP phones, and a virtual receptionist service.

The cost of 1300 number calls are shared by the caller and the business. Calls made from any fixed landline in Australia are charged a local rate, regardless of where your business is located. Mobile call rates vary, depending on the caller’s service plan and mobile carrier. Your business is billed a small charge per minute, based on rates stated on your selected 1300 number service plan.

As a virtual service, calls to 1300 numbers are redirected to one or more of your existing phone services. Answer business calls on your landline, mobile, fax, VoIP phone, or even have a Live Answering service take messages for you. There are thousands of ways Alltel can configure and customise your 1300 number redirection to suit your business requirements.

Unlike landline numbers, 1300 numbers aren’t restricted to a single geographic exchange and do not require the use of an area code. Another term for them are ‘Local Call’ numbers, because calls from a landline anywhere in Australia are charged at a standard local rate.

A phone number
that means business

Boost your visibility and expand your reach with Alltel 1300 numbers. Build trust, show customers you’re a legitimate business and tap into new markets.

Alltel was incredibly helpful at providing our 1300 Number and making sure we were underway.
It is now a seamless service that allows our customers from all over Australia to be in touch.

— Ben Grozier | Class Cover

More great features

Fast activation

We’ll get your 1300 number up and running in as little as 1 business day.

No special hardware

Receive calls on any of your existing phone lines without affecting your ability to call out.

Free redirection (routing) options

Direct your calls anywhere in Australia and across time zones at no added cost.

No lock-in contracts

We’ve ditched fixed-term contracts for simple and straightforward plans with no hidden charges.

Switch plans anytime

Change your 1300 number plan for free. Upgrade or downgrade your service as your needs change.

Manage your number using MyAlltel

Request changes to your service and access free built-in call reports through a self-managed web portal.

Enhance your 1300 number

Your Alltel business 1300 number is more than just a regular phone number! Customise, enhance, and modify your 1300 numbers to improve call management and meet the changing needs of your business. Enhancements don’t just make your work easier, they also create a better call experience for your customers.

Routing Options

Many businesses answer calls to their inbound number on a single phone line. But with thousands of redirection options available, we can help you get the most out of your 1300 number by crafting the ideal solution for your business. Complex redirection schemes can also be added for an additional charge.

Business Intro

Make an impact with a professionally recorded message that plays at the start of every call. Rest assured that each business call is answered with the correct business name and pronunciation, regardless of who or which site takes the call.

Voice Prompt Menu

Minimise long holds and wrong transfers by giving your callers the ability to direct their own calls. Your callers connect to specific locations, departments or team members by selecting from a customised menu. For example, ‘Press 1 for Finance, Press 2 for Sales’, etc.

Virtual Receptionist

Alltel’s professionally trained operators are ready to answer your business calls round the clock, 365 days a year. Our Australian-based virtual receptionists greet callers in your business name, takes messages, and immediately sends you the details via SMS and email.

Nothing says amateur more than advertising a mobile number. It makes you seem too small and incapable of delivering the level of service your customers expect–even if the opposite is true. Besides, how many mobile numbers do you know by heart? Alltel 1300 numbers are not only easier to remember, but are also widely-recognised professional business numbers.

Remember what it’s like to be tied down to your desk, stuck in the office waiting for an important phone call? Not only is it inconvenient, it also keeps you from making the most of your work day. 1300 numbers give you the freedom to go on lunch meetings or pick up the kids from school without fear of missing a single business call.

While similar in function, 1300, 1800, and 13 numbers differ in terms of call charges.

1300 number call costs are shared between the caller and the business. This makes it a popular option among SMEs who want to widen their presence on a limited budget. With callers charged a local rate, this type of inbound number is effective for deterring nuisance and unwanted callers.

1800 number call costs are completely shouldered by the business. These are recommended for established businesses that want a nationwide number that anyone can call at no charge. Since calls to these numbers are completely free for customers, they work best as after-sales and customer support lines.

13 numbers work exactly like 1300 numbers, but are shorter and more memorable with only 6 digits. As it comes with an additional annual government surcharge, this type of inbound number is recommended for large enterprises in highly competitive industries.

An Alltel 1300 number service gives you the option to choose which enhancements to use with your number at an added cost. On the other hand, Alltel 1300 Advance comes with features such as Voice2Email, Call Recording, Business Intro, and Easy Identify—all included as standard.

If you require a basic, no-frills inbound number service, a regular 1300 number will suffice. But if you want to save on advanced features, and make immediate changes to your service such as switching which phones your inbound number rings or changing your own Voice2Email recording, Alltel 1300 Advance is your best bet.


1300 Numbers


Move locations easily without changing your contact number

Not location dependant

National presence

Advanced routing features

Gives the impression of a bigger business


1300 Numbers


Move locations easily without changing your contact number

Not location dependant

National presence

Advanced routing features

Gives the impression of a bigger business


1300 Numbers

1800 Numbers

13 Numbers

Plans from $14 per month

Australia-wide number

Mobile, landline, fax compatibility

IVR/Auto-Attendant compatibility

Inbound reporting access

Free call for your customers



Annual government fees





1300 Numbers

1300 Advance


Call recording

Real-time live changes

Business Intro™

Call Whisper

Revolutionise the way you do business with flexible numbers driven by your needs.