How do you want your 1300 number to work

1300 Numbers

There are thousands of ways that Alltel inbound numbers (1300 numbers, 1800 numbers and 13 numbers) can be customised (set up/configured) to suit your business requirements

Calls to your inbound number are routed (redirected/forwarded) to one or more of your existing phone services (eg. office phone, home/office phone, mobile, fax, VoIP phone, live answering etc). Each one of these is known as an answerpoint.

Routing Call Forward

If the initial 13/1300 number or 1800 number answerpoint is busy, not answering, or experiencing congestion, this option automatically changes the call answerpoint to one or more of your alternative numbers.

For example, if no-one answers your office phone after a specified number of seconds (eg, 10 sec., 15 sec.) the call could be forwarded to your specified mobile number. And if no-one answers the mobile after a specified number of seconds, the call could be forwarded to your Alltel Live Answering Service. Up to three consecutive forwards can be specified for each answerpoint.

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What is a 1300 number

  • 1300 numbers are also known as ‘Local Call’ numbers.
  • A 1300 number is recognised as a number commonly used by Australian businesses.
  • 1300 number call costs are shared by the caller and the business.
    • For the caller, the cost of the call depends on the type of phone they are calling from.
      1. Fixed landline- callers are charged the cost of a local call (as determined by their phone company).
      2. Mobile phones- call charges are determined by the caller’s mobile carrier.
    • For the account holder (business), the call rates depend on your 1300 number monthly call plan.
  • There are two types of 1300 numbers:
    • Normal Issue
      1. pooled random numbers
      2. has six trailing digits (i.e., 1300 ## ## ##)
    • Smartnumbers
      1. numbers that spell words, OR
      2. numbers that come in an easy to remember pattern
      3. can have up to ten trailing digits or more, depending on the carrier.
  • All 1300 numbers remain the property of the Australian government. Instead of ‘ownership’, you gain Rights of Use to your 1300 number service. The type of rights accessed vary based on the whether you acquire your 1300 number directly or through a phoneword company.

13 ways Alltel 1300 Numbers can help you and your business


Really! Can a number help me cope?
Alltel Business 1300 numbers can help you to be more productive with better
management of your time and incoming calls, thus reducing interruptions and stress during your day.


How can I encourage more customers to call my business?
People feel more comfortable dealing with a professional business. An Alltel Business 1300 number looks more impressive and professional to potential customers… and your existing ones.Using your mobile number or local landline number for business doesn’t always achieve this and can limit your growth.


What’s the best way to reduce missed calls and hang-ups (and potential business)?
Alltel 1300 numbers can automatically forward calls to a second (or third) number at times when you’re not able to answer the phone. Eg. An Alltel Live Answering Service.


How can I measure the best way to spend my marketing dollars?
Track and measure where your customers come from and what motivates them to call you. Built-in reports show you details of all calls to your 1300 numbers, helping you to measure the return on investment of your different advertising channels and marketing campaigns. You can even use multiple 1300 numbers to track and analyse the response to different ads.


Can a 1300 number help me to make a great first impression?
Your Alltel 1300 Number shows callers they’re dealing with a serious business—especially when compared against competitors who advertise only a mobile number! Give your business a professional image.


Do I need to install another phone line?
1300 Numbers ring your existing landline/mobile phones, so there’s no need to pay for new phone lines. Provide customers with a dedicated phone number for your business and keep your private numbers private.


Can I have calls redirected to different numbers based on the time of day?
Outside of regular office hours or at any time you choose, calls made to your 1300 number can automatically be routed to your mobile phone or an Alltel Live Answering Service.


Can I have calls redirected to different locations based on caller location?
Yes. For example, automatically route West Australian callers to your Perth office and callers from New South Wales to your Sydney office.


Is a menu system available to allow callers to route their own calls?
With Call Forwarding IVR Menus (e.g. For Sales, Press 1), callers can quickly reach the correct person or department.


Can I get free local calls?
Alltel was the first to offer a “free talk-time” plan, which means that local landline-to-landline calls made to your Alltel 1300 number are FREE!


Can I keep my number if I relocate?
Yes… and it’s quick and easy to redirect your 1300 Number to your new location, which keeps your phones ringing if you relocate or expand with more locations. No need to change your phone number, printing, advertising and signage if you move. Keep your Alltel Business 1300 number for the life of your business.


Will an Alltel 1300 number give my business a more credible local or national presence?
Yes. Attract customers anywhere from local to all around the country—all Alltel 1300 numbers work Australia-wide. You don’t need to be a national company to benefit from having a business image that is “more than just local”. Whether you’re a local or national business, you can easily expand into a larger area of operation. Using your mobile number or local landline number for business can limit your growth.


Which type of Business Phone Service can GROW with my Business?
Compared with ordinary phone services (incl landline, mobile), your Alltel 1300 number remains more effective throughout all stages of a business’ life, whether you plan to:

  • expand your business geographically;
  • increase the number of team members or departments; or
  • increase the number of office locations.

Complementary services such as customised call routing or a virtual office services bundle can be integrated and add flexibility and professionalism to your inbound number.


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