How to Enhance your 1800 Number

Alltel’s business 1800 numbers can be customised, enhanced, and modified to reflect the changing needs of your business.

In addition to the many ways Alltel 1800 numbers can be configured, businesses commonly make the following 1800 number enhancements to their free call numbers:

Business Intro ™

Create a professional first impression for your customers with Alltel’s Business Intro. All calls to your business 1800 number are answered with a professionally recorded message before they are connected through to your number’s answerpoint (incl. landline, mobile, Live Answering Service etc). This guarantees that each customer’s call is answered with the same, professional greeting using your correct business name and pronunciation.

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Call Forwarding Menu

‘Press 1 for Finance, Press 2 for Sales’. etc.
You may need to redirect your 1800 number calls to specific office locations, departments or team members. Call Forwarding Menus provide callers with the ability to connect with an individual or department by making a selection from a customised menu that suits your business requirements.

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Live Phone Answering Services

An Alltel Live Phone Answering Service is a great way make sure your phones are answered when you’re:

  • busy or your phone is engaged,
  • away from the office,
  • wanting to enhance the professional image of your business.

Calls to your Alltel 1800 number are routed (redirected) to our Australian-based Live Phone Answering Service, where a professionally trained operator greets callers using your business name. Depending on the answering service you have selected, the operator can then either connect (patch) the call through to you or take a message, which is forwarded to you by email and SMS and is displayed on your myAlltel customer portal.

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