Business Phone and Internet Services with ADSL + PSTN Bundle

Go beyond the basics with custom phone and internet plans for small business.

Part of laying the groundwork for a successful small business is getting your communications right. This starts with the basics– a phone and internet service to get your ideas off the ground. But with limited resources at hand, most make the mistake of settling for residential services.

It doesn’t take long before congestion, erratic peak hours, and slow customer support gets in the way of your operations. Instead of saving a few dollars while you lose customers, consider business phone and internet bundles instead.

The Alltel ADSL + PSTN bundle puts together two of our best products to create a communications solution fit for startup and small business needs.

ADSL Broadband Requirements

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Get connected in 3 easy steps

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Business phone and internet plans for every need

Connect to a business grade phone and broadband network for less. Our phone + broadband bundle provides small businesses great phone coverage across Australia, fast ADSL2+ broadband connections and unlimited bandwidth—all backed up by Alltel’s great and responsive customer service.

Calls to Australian local and national numbers are included at no extra charge as part of this bundle.

An upload accelerator (ADSL2+ Annex M) is provided free when it is available from your local exchange (On-net only)

No more worrying about exceeding data allowances with an unlimited ADSL service.

Features attached to your landline (i.e. call forwarding, call waiting) will automatically be transferred to your new service.

Track your Alltel services and view detailed reports through MyAlltel, your self-managed web portal

Upgrade or downgrade your broadband any time for free. Changes come into effect on the next billing month.

Run web applications, exchange files, and share your connection with multiple users.

Enjoy a high quality connection round the clock. No need to worry about working around peak/off-peak hours.

More great features

No overage charges

Never worry about going over your monthly data allocation. Enjoy unlimited downloads (subject to the Acceptable Use policy).

Waived fees

No set-up fees apply to your ADSL2+/ADSL broadband when you get it as part of the ADSL + PSTN bundle.

Superior customer service

No waiting in queue with thousands of residential users. Get immediate access to our fast and friendly customer support team for any concerns.

Data on demand

Boost your productivity with speeds of up to 24 Mbps delivered by your unlimited ADSL broadband service.

Easy transfer of service

Already have an existing phone line and broadband service? No problem! Transferring your service to Alltel is quick, easy, and most of all– free.

Data usage

For more accurate measurement, your usage is counted in kilobytes. Refer to this conversion for billing purposes: 1000 kb = 1 MB, 1000 MB= 1 GB.

Realise your full potential with competitive business phone
and internet deals.

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