ADSL Broadband + PSTN Phone Bundle

Keep connected to a business grade phone and broadband network for less. Our phone + broadband bundle provides small businesses great phone coverage across Australia, fast ADSL2+ broadband connections and generous data allowances—all backed up by Alltel’s great and responsive customer service.

Already have an existing phone line and broadband service? No problem! Transferring your existing phone and broadband internet service to Alltel is quick, easy, and most of all– free. No need to halt business operations and lose sales opportunities during the transfer. Just provide us with your service information and we’ll take care of the transfer for you. Enjoy the convenience of keeping your existing landline numbers and moving your ADSL service without experiencing any downtime.

Ever noticed how residential broadband connections experience slower speeds in the morning and later in the afternoon? The more users on the network consuming a large amount of bandwidth at a time means higher contention rates. This means slower speeds and lower connection quality for you. When you have an important website update to do, file to upload, or documents to share with your team, you don’t want to be the one waiting for your broadband speed to pick up.

Getting business broadband means enjoying lower contention rates and more generous data allocations. No more waiting for peak/off-peak hours to transfer, upload, or download large files. With less business lines sharing an exchange, business broadband providers help you stay productive at all hours, letting you make the most out of your business day. Unlike standard residential services, your business network is less congested, guaranteeing a steady and reliable connection all throughout the day.

Get higher data allowances and as much as 100 GB in bonus data by choosing an Alltel ADSL Broadband + PSTN Phone bundled plan! Uploads aren’t counted towards your monthly quota, perfect for businesses like graphic design or engineering that engage in data-heavy tasks.

What happens if you exceed your monthly data quota? There are absolutely no excess usage fees. Instead, traffic speed is shaped to a slower speed once your download allowance is exceeded. If you really need additional data, extra data top ups ranging from 10GB-50GB can be purchased. On-net customers also have the chance to experience faster speeds with a data upload accelerator where available, at no added charge!

Your Alltel PSTN landline service includes a single phone number and one phone line. Get a new phone line or transfer your existing landline number. Enjoy local and national calls within Australia, all included in the Alltel broadband bundle plans at no extra charge. Save on installation and monthly charges with free broadband setup, no excess usage fees and no transfer fees for Telstra landlines to Alltel. Have the freedom to upgrade your data plan any time at no cost.

Get access to responsive and friendly Alltel customer support. Track your monthly usage reports, view all billing information, submit change requests, and manage your other Alltel services through your MyAlltel web portal.

To get started with your own ADSL Broadband+PSTN Phone Bundle, head over to the Plans tab to check availability in your area.