Unmatched speed and reliability with Alltel ADSL Broadband

A business broadband that ticks all the boxes.

The internet has become so embedded in our daily lives that it is often taken for granted. But for entrepreneurs, the role of a fast and reliable internet connection must never be overlooked. In today’s fast-paced world, high-speed connectivity plays a big role in all stages of doing business.

Alltel ADSL Broadband is an enterprise-grade internet service, optimised for the unique demands of business. With a fast and unlimited broadband service, businesses can maximise their online presence–from lead acquisition and customer engagement, to service delivery and after-sales support. Our range of business broadband plans are designed to provide increased availability and reliability at cost-effective prices for SMEs.

Why do I need business broadband?

There is so much more to the internet than browsing websites and social media. Given the right tools, your business can effectively streamline processes and empower staff to become more efficient and work smarter.

Thanks to affordable small business internet services, tools which were once only available to large enterprises are now accessible to SMEs. Transfer large batches of files, use video conferencing for meetings, take advantage of hosted applications, and switch to IP telephony with the help of an ADSL business broadband service.

Residential vs. Business ADSL Broadband

On a residential broadband network, the more users are online, the slower your connection gets. You’ll have no other choice but to work early mornings or late evenings to avoid peak hours. This can be a pain if you urgently need to update your website, process a large order, or transfer media files. Whatever amount you save on using a home connection is cancelled out by lost productivity.

Unlike residential providers which are notorious for long call queues and slow responses, business ADSL broadband providers like Alltel understand that entrepreneurs demand prompt support and a high level of reliability. Business networks have fewer lines sharing a single exchange which means all traffic is prioritised, giving businesses constant availability and faster speeds all day long. Enjoy the freedom to do data-heavy activities whenever you need to with a business ADSL service.

ADSL Broadband Requirements

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Get connected in 3 easy steps

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A business internet service with the best bang for your buck

With several internet options for small business today, it’s important for entrepreneurs like you to know what features to look for as you compare broadband services. As a rule, you should steer clear of cheap internet plans with rock bottom pricing–chances are they’ll make it up through hidden charges. Alltel offers a range of affordable broadband plans packed with features that are ideal for businesses like yours.

Get connected to a powerful business network that’s faster, more reliable, and less congested.

An upload accelerator (ADSL2+ Annex M) is provided free when it is available from your local exchange (On-net only).

No more worrying about exceeding data allowances with this unlimited ADSL service.

Enjoy flexible terms with available 6-month, 12-month, or 24-month contracts.

Track your Alltel services and view detailed reports through MyAlltel, your self-managed web portal.

Upgrade your plan for free, or downgrade your plan as your needs change.

Run web applications, exchange files, and share your connection with multiple users.

Enjoy a high quality connection round the clock. No need to worry about working around peak/off-peak hours.

More great features

No overage charges

Never worry about paying more for going over your monthly data allocation. Enjoy unlimited downloads (subject to the Acceptable Use policy).

Superior customer service

No waiting in queue with thousands of residential users. Get immediate access to our fast and friendly customer support team for any concerns.

Data on demand

Boost your productivity with speeds of up to 24 Mbps delivered by your unlimited ADSL broadband service.

Easy transfer of service

Already have an existing phone line and broadband service? No problem! Transferring your service to Alltel is quick, easy, and most of all– free.

Data usage

For more accurate measurement, your usage is counted in kilobytes. Refer to this conversion for billing purposes: 1000 kb = 1 MB, 1000 MB= 1 GB.

Bundle up and save

Enjoy added savings and get both your phone and internet service from Alltel by choosing our ADSL Broadband +PSTN bundle.

Supercharge your team with high powered connectivity that supports the demands of a modern workforce.

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