Alltel Screen sharing application

  1. Click here to download the software
  2. Once this pop-up appears, click ‘Run’
    open file security warning.
  3. You should be greeted with the following window
    alltel remote support login window
  4. Provide this number to your Alltel technician

SmartConnect® UC Desktop Client

windowsWindows Download    macMAC Download

  1. Download the required files by selecting the link that matches your operating system.
  2. Once a pop-up appears, click ‘Run’.
  3. You will be greeted by this installation guide:
    Communicator Setup
  4. Follow the instructions until setup is completed.
  5. Open the program. If installation is successful, you will be greeted with this screen:
    Communicator login
  6. Sign in using the username and password provided via email from