Better than ADSL: How to Boost Your Internet When You Can’t Get NBN Yet

Better than ADSL: How to Boost Your Internet When You Can’t Get NBN Yet

As a nationwide project, the NBN rollout is expected to take more than a few years to be completed. For Australian businesses that need something better than traditional ADSL right now, choosing an alternative service is vital. It’s a good thing that there are other high speed internet options that can meet their needs today. Let’s take a look at the two types of internet services for those who can’t get NBN yet.

Unlimited Ethernet Broadband

The first option you should consider is Alltel’s Ethernet Broadband. This is a stable high-bandwidth service that is run over multiple copper lines. It has better availability rates than regular ADSL services, with speeds ranging from 4 Mbps to 20 Mbps.

What should you choose Ethernet?

Strong upload and download speeds make it a great choice for SMEs. This makes it easy to handle high data tasks such as web hosting, cloud computing, and IP telephony. Your service also plays a vital part in business continuity and disaster recovery.

Unlimited internet through Ethernet strikes the perfect balance between speed, cost and ease of setup. All cables and equipment can be bought at low prices with easy setup. The service gives a steady throughput of data with no signal interference all day. All while using less power.

Unlimited Fibre Internet

Another alternative to NBN is Alltel Fibre 400. This kind of internet service uses thin strands of fibre optic cables. These carry digital signals at the speed of light over long distances. The speed for this Alltel internet service reaches up to 400 Mbps for both uploads and downloads.

What is the Fibre 400 difference?

The main pro of fibre internet is its speed and reliability. A huge chunk of data can be sent over greater distances without degrading the data signal. Each member of your team can do data heavy tasks at the same time without compromising performance. That means downloading, uploading, streaming and sharing files all at once.

Another gain from using fibre glass instead of copper is that it does not generate electricity. This makes it immune to signal disruptions that can be caused by nearby power lines or high-voltage equipment. It is also more durable and less prone to weather damage. With less power required, savings are passed on from your internet provider to you.

The best part about these two—unlimited internet!

Yes, you read that right. Both services offer unlimited high speed internet for businesses. For a low cost, you can switch your ADSL to a fast and reliable internet service. To learn more about which of the two best suits your needs, have a chat with one of our business consultants by calling 1 300 ALLTEL or visit

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