ADSL Business Broadband

The internet has forever changed the way the world does business. In fact, your connectivity plays a vital role in all stages of your sales process. From customer acquisition, engagement and service delivery, up to after sales support. This is why choosing the right business broadband is essential in ensuring the success of your business.

A fast internet connection lets you take advantage of web based applications that make it easier for you and your staff to share ideas and produce better results. With large data allowances your broadband service can easily support uploading or downloading large files, using hosted applications, and video conferencing.

Alltel’s business broadband is reliable, always on, and guarantees you the fastest connection speed available. Work more efficiently with an internet connection that can keep up with your pace. A home internet connection may seem convenient at first, but its weaknesses are detrimental to your business in the long run. Alltel’s ADSL Business Broadband is recommended for startups and SMEs. As an enterprise grade service, it is optimised to handle the unique demands of business use.

All traffic is prioritised, with networks that are less congested and faster. Enjoy lower contention ratios with Alltel Business Broadband. With less lines sharing an exchange, you are sure to get faster speeds. With a business grade broadband, constant online availability is guaranteed. You never have to worry about working around peak and off-peak hours. Users can engage in data heavy tasks at once without worrying about slow and poor connections.

Choose from our range of ADSL2+ broadband plans, all with generous download allocation. Take advantage of a free upload accelerator (ADSL2 + Annex M) at On Net locations from your local exchange (subject to availability).

Uploads aren’t counted towards your monthly quota, only downloads. No need to fear excess charges for going over your monthly data allocation. Your speed is simply shaped to a lower speed once you reach your monthly quota.

Worried about your usage? Alltel will send email/SMS notifications to you once you have 85% and 100% of your monthly quota. You can also track your usage through your MyAlltel portal. If you need more data, you may top up your data allowance in increments of 10 GB, 25GB, and 50GB. Get your business connected to high-speed broadband internet. Enjoy flexible ADSL plans and choose from month-to-month, 12, or 24 month term contracts. Upgrade (or downgrade) your plan anytime.

With a residential internet connection, you would need to wait a couple of days to get a resolution for any service issues. Entrepreneurs have more important things to do than wait in queue with thousands of residential users calling a customer hotline. Any service interruption can lead to lost productivity, lost business opportunities, and ultimately, unhappy customers.

Alltel understands that having a reliable service is critical for your business. Expect superior customer support with your business grade service. We give you only the best service from our fast and friendly customer support team.

To get started, head over to the Plans tab to check availability in your area.

Alltel ADSL Business Broadband is available both as a standalone and a bundled service. If you’d like to have a phone bundled with your broadband service, you may also be interested in our ADSL + PSTN Bundle.