Even though Alltel’s ADSL services are delivered over your telephone landline, there’s a little more to getting connected than just plugging your computer into your telephone outlet! Here are our business broadband requirements.

Telephone landline

The ADSL service runs over your PSTN telephone landline, so you must keep it connected at all times:

  • Your landline service can be provided by either Alltel or by another provider. You will receive the same quality broadband service no matter who your telephone carrier is.
  • If your landline is cancelled or disconnected for any reason, your ADSL service will also be cancelled (and break fees may apply).
  • You may require a dedicated landline service for your ADSL connection if you are using an in-house PBX, back to base alarm, fax duet service or pair gain and rim systems.

Note that ADSL is not compatible with ISDN landline services.

Modem or router

These devices allow your computer(s) and other devices to communicate using your Alltel ADSL connection:


  • A modem is suitable to connect a single computer to the Internet.
  • A router is designed to share the connection between multiple computers and other wired network devices.
  • A Wi-Fi router allows you to connect both wired and wireless devices (including laptops, tablets and smartphones) to your broadband service.

Modems and routers are available from most good computer and electronics stores, where you will also be able to receive advice on which device best suits your needs.

Filters and splitters

For your modem/router to work without interference from your telephone equipment, you need to install a filter on each telephone device that shares your ADSL line. The following devices need to be filtered:


  • telephones
  • answering machines
  • fax machines
  • EFTPOS machines
  • Foxtel Digital units
  • a modem or router that’s sharing a single wall socket with any of the above devices

Note that a modem/router that is NOT sharing a single wall socket with another telephone device should NOT be filtered.

Filters and splitters are available from any modem retailer.

Do you need a central splitter?


If you have four or more telephony devices, or if you have a back-to-base alarm system, you’ll need a central splitter.

Without a central splitter, it’s likely that you will suffer phone and/or Internet dropouts caused by interference between your modem and telephony devices.

Contact an Austel-approved installer to purchase and install a central splitter.

Security software

Security Software

Alltel strongly recommends that you install security software (e.g. anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall) to protect computers and other networked devices, your personal information and your network connection.

Security software is available from most good computer stores, where you will also be able to receive advice on which software best suits your needs.