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Enrich the first customer touchpoint with a business intro service.

First impressions matter. And when you’re a startup or SME, your first encounters are always met with questions about your ability, credibility, and professionalism. Gaining a negative reputation can be so bad for business that some entrepreneurs would rather start over than try to recover. So how can you ensure successful first encounters with your customers?

Thanks to virtual office services that simplify business communications, it is now possible to make a lasting impression without busting your budget. One example is Alltel Business Intro, a professional business introduction service that gives you credibility over the phone.

What is Business Intro?

Your Business Intro is a business phone greeting service that plays a professionally recorded introduction for callers before the call is connected to you. This service is a cost-effective means of impressing your customers. This intro is a great way to give callers an overview of your business before the start of each call.

This business intro service is perfect for startups and small businesses that have no need for a receptionist yet, but still want to project an established image over the phone. Whether you have multiple businesses or a name that’s hard to pronounce, Alltel Business Intro guarantees that your calls are consistently answered the way you want it.

How does a business introduction service work?

During setup, you will be able to customise your business introduction by choosing from our professional voice talents and recording your phone greeting. You can select one of our sample scripts or write your own 20-word script. Here are some of our most popular greetings:

  • Thank you for calling ABC company. Please hold while your call is connected.
  • Hello and welcome to ABC company. We value your call and will be with you shortly.
  • Thank you for calling ABC company. Please wait while I connect you to one of our friendly staff members.
  • Hello and thank you for calling ABC company. You are now being transferred to a member of our support team.
  • Welcome to ABC company. Your call is important to us. We will be with you shortly.
  • Hello and welcome to ABC company. Please wait while I connect you through to one of our helpful team members.

When a customer calls, the first thing they hear is your custom pre-recorded greeting. After the introduction, the call will be connected to your business. You can choose to redirect the call to you, your receptionist, or to your live answering service.

How does Business Intro work?

Customer calls 1300 or 1800 number Pre-recorded Business Intro Call connected to mobile or landline Call connected to receptionist Call connected to live answering service A customer calls your 1300 or 1800 business number. A pre-recorded Business Intro introduces your company to the caller before the call is connected to your answer point. E.g. ‘Thank you for calling ABC Pty Ltd. Please hold while you’re transferred to a member of our customer support team’ or or Your mobile or landline Your receptionist Live Answering Service

More great features

Guarantee that all business calls are answered professionally, even on your home phone or mobile.

Enjoy complete flexibility with no lock-in and minimum term contracts.

Need more than 20 words? Ask our consultants a quote for longer business recordings.

Make changes to your Business Intro greeting to fit changing seasons or campaigns for a low cost.

Absolutely no additional flagfall or call connection charges.

Greet callers in the correct business name, even if you’re running several businesses on shared phone lines.

Manage your Alltel services and Business Intro recordings through My.Alltel, your self-managed web portal.

Answer calls exactly the same way among personnel, across departments, and in between sites.

Compatibility with Alltel services

Alltel Business Intro is a recommended add-on for your Alltel inbound numbers. As an added feature, this service is billed on top of your inbound number plan.

This service also comes standard with Alltel Local Connect and SmartConnect business phone systems. As an included feature, you will get your voice menu at no additional cost (a one-time professional recording fee applies). You may also manage the audio files for your menu prompts through your portal for free.

Professional voice talent

For better customisation, you can have your own greeting recorded by our professional voice talents. Alltel has a variety of male and female voice-over professionals available, to help you find the most suitable voice to represent your business.

Female Voice: F1

Female Voice: F2

Female Voice: F4

Female Voice: F5

Female Voice: F6

Female Voice: F7

Female Voice: F8

Male Voice: M1

Male Voice: M2

Male Voice: M3

Male Voice: M4

Male Voice: M5

Male Voice: M6

Male Voice: M7>

Male Voice: M8

Male Voice: M9

Male Voice: M10

Male Voice: M11

Male Voice: M12

Male Voice: M13

Male Voice: M14

Female Voice: F2

Male Voice: M3

Boost your competence with a professional greeting for business calls.

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