Business Intro

You’ve got seven seconds to make a first impression
Is the way you answer your phone helping or hurting your business?

In business interactions, first impressions are crucial.

A customer’s first impression of your business is often over the telephone. That’s why it’s important that your business phone is answered professionally and consistently at all times.

And that’s what Alltel’s Business Intro service is for. It greets all callers with a professionally recorded business introduction BEFORE the call is connected through to you.

Alltel’s Business Intro helps to impress your callers 

If you’re running your business from a home office, or perhaps running several businesses, Business Intro guarantees that calls are always answered using the correct company name—even when you’re answering calls on a shared home phone landline or on your personal mobile phone.

And if any of your calls are answered by third parties (e.g. a Phone Answering Service), business introduction services guarantees that ALL calls are answered exactly the way you want—which is particularly important for businesses with names that are difficult to pronounce!

How does Alltel’s Business Intro greeting work?

When a customer calls, the first thing they hear is your custom pre-recorded Business Intro greeting before their call is connected through to you (or other destination phone number including Live Answering Service).

With Business Intro, you can be sure that calls are answered the way you want each and every time. Your business name will always be pronounced correctly, and you can include additional information in your message such as your hours of operation or the type of work you do (up to a maximum of 20 words).

Alltel Business Intro

What are some typical Business Intro greetings?

To create your own Business Intro greeting, you can use one of the below sample scripts or create your own. You can then select from either a male or female voice talent to have the message professionally recorded. 

Example 1: Thank you for calling ABC company. Please hold while your call is connected.
Example 2: Hello and welcome to ABC company. We value your call and will be with you shortly.
Example 3: Thank you for calling ABC company. Please wait while I connect you to one of our friendly staff members.
Example 4: Hello and thank you for calling ABC company. You are now being transferred to a member of our support team.
Example 5: Welcome to ABC company. Your call is important to us. We will be with you shortly.
Example 6: Hello and welcome to ABC company. Please wait while I connect you through to one of our helpful team members.

Which Alltel services support Business Intro greetings?

Business Intro is available as add-ons for the following Alltel services:

Business Intro is also included as a standard feature (at no additional cost) with Alltel’s Local Connect Plus Bundle* and Hosted Phone System*.

*Note that professional recording of the intro message is NOT included with these services.