Transfers and relocations

Note that when you transfer or relocate a landline service, any additional business features (e.g. call forwarding, call waiting) attached to your landline will automatically be transferred to your new service.

Transfer (churn)

  • Move service to Alltel from another provider
  • Has an active phone number and dial tone
  • FREE


  • Move Alltel service to a different premises
  • Fees apply as per New connections below
  • No break fee applies for previous contract
  • New contract period begins
  • Services can be overlapped if required

New connections

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the connection:

Technician visit required? No Yes Yes
Cabling required? No No Yes
First line connection $59 $125 $299
Each additional line $59 $75.50 $179

Other charges

  • The additional line fee applies only if connected at the same time, at the same premises, and for the same customer as the first line.
  • Additional charges may apply for items such as cabling past the first socket, trenching or more difficult installations
  • A temporary connection charge of $100 applies if the phone service is connected for three months or less.