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We use Telstra’s network, so you’re guaranteed a quality service and extensive coverage across Australia.

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Pricing excludes GST.

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Things You Should Know

  • Pricing is exclusive of GST.
  • Monthly plan fee is the minimum amount you pay each month and includes one PSTN line service.
  • Included calls on the CAP plan are subject to Alltel’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Timed call rates are quoted per minute; calls are charged in 1-second increments. There is no minimum cost for calls within Australia.
  • Transfers (churns) of existing Telstra landlines to Alltel are free.
  • A one-time setup fee applies for new connections. See the Connection Costs tab for details.
  • We require one calendar month’s written notice to cancel your service. A break fee of $75 applies if you cancel or transfer to another provider before the end of a fixed-term contract period.
  • The service will be delivered over the Telstra network.
  • Cost of a 2-minute call on the Business Voice plan is 13.64₵ for local, 23.64₵ for national, 47.28₵ for mobile and 30₵ for 13/1300 numbers. The Business CAP plan provides unlimited/untimed calls to local, national.
  • Additional charges apply for special numbers.
  • Additional account fees may apply

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Special numbers

Special numbers are everything other than local, national, mobile, international, and 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers. They include numbers used for voting on TV shows, information updates, entering competitions and buying ringtones, games and wallpapers.

19 number rates in particular can vary, so make sure you check the fine print when making a call or sending a text or photo to one of these numbers. The rate should be advertised together with the number.

ISDN landlines

To find out about Alltel’s ISDN solutions and business landline phone plans, call our business phone specialists on 1300 255 835.