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The quest to make everything faster, better, and cost less, has never been as exciting as now. And this doesn’t just apply to discovering new devices. Technology is continuing to change the way we look at everyday tools such as telephony. For business, VoIP has undoubtedly become a major game-changer for communications.

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What is VoIP?

Short for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP is a technology that lets you make and receive calls over the internet instead of the regular copper network. IP phone systems such as Alltel OneConnect has the full capability of regular phone lines, but with added functionality that makes it optimal for business use.

Business VoIP Numbers

Your Direct In Dial (DID) numbers are more than just regular phone numbers. These VoIP phone numbers help widen your presence while offering local call rates nationwide. As virtual business numbers, these can be used for different areas and regions, while calls are redirected to your phone. You have the option to get new numbers or keep your existing landline, VoIP, 1300 and 1800 numbers by transferring your service to Alltel.

Why Switch to a Business VoIP Phone System?

  • Mere decades ago, large enterprises had exclusive access to enterprise-grade phone systems. Thanks to the internet, advanced capabilities can be delivered to all types of businesses at lower costs—even those that only require one or two phones.
  • Compared to legacy phone systems, installation of IP phone systems do not require any kind of construction or new lines. Alltel OneConnect uses phones with a plug and play functionality that makes activating your service quick and easy.
  • Hardware limits the capabilities of premise based systems. By hosting your service on the cloud, you can enjoy advanced VoIP features with your service without the trouble of configuring and spending on equipment upgrades.
  • Unlike premise-based phone systems, all voice equipment for VoIP is hosted outside of your office. This eliminates the threat of security breaches, power outages, inclement weather, or any major disaster in your area.
  • Our data centers are all located in redundant and diverse locations. This means that even if one location goes down, your VoIP phone service remains uninterrupted.
  • You don’t need to have an IT team or pay for a maintenance contract to have professionals manage your service. All hosted services are monitored by our team of specialists round the clock, to ensure peak performance at all hours of the day.
  • A business VoIP system allows SMEs to break geographical barriers and do business all across Australia. Encourage more customers to enquire by offering local call rates, regardless of your location.
  • Residential VoIP is far from an acceptable professional phone solution. It’s known for dropping out, unpleasant static crackles, and voice delays that cause users to talk over each other. Going for a trusted business VoIP provider like Alltel guarantees the reliability and quality you need, together with superior customer service that you deserve.
  • Enjoy the freedom of working where you’re most productive. Take business calls from home, in between sites, or even on the road, as long as you have a stable internet connection.
  • Increase your availability over the phone to improve engagement and boost your customer service efforts. Capture all enquiries, shorten resolution times, and adapt quickly to the changing demands of business with a phone system that allows you to be flexible.
  • Support your operations with a business VoIP service that will grow with you. Expand by adding local DIDs as needed, without costly installation and long lead times.

Getting VoIP-ready (Requirements & Hardware)

Your Alltel OneConnect service is run over the internet which means the clarity of your calls depend on the quality of your connection. As a rule of thumb, you need to be able to sustain 100 Kbps up and down with less than 4ms jitter. You can determine the compatibility of your connection through a PING test.

You should get results of:

  • Line Quality of Good or above
  • MOS of 4 or above
  • Ping of less than 100 ms
  • Packet Loss of 0%

Even with good results from a PING test, heavy data users that work with large files or want 6 or more extensions may need a dedicated internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to support your requirements. Alltel-provided phones typically use the G729 Codec, which uses the following average amounts of bandwidth for audio calls:

1 minute call = 234 Kilobytes
1 hour call = 13.71 Megabytes

These estimates are for a single direction only and assume one phone being used. If your provider charges for uploads as well as downloads, you will need to double these estimates. Our business consultants will also help you determine how much bandwidth is needed for your service.

Telephone handsets purchased through Alltel come preconfigured for plug and play, zero touch setup. We cannot guarantee the operation or compatibility of phones not purchased from Alltel or their compatibility with our network.

Switches, routers and other hardware can be purchased from third parties. As a convenience to our customers, we offer a limited range of hardware for sale, with support being provided through the manufacturers.

Business VoIP hardware are available for purchase through Alltel. Read our Statement of Standard Warranty.

More great features

No flagfall or call connection charges for all calls within Australia.

Enjoy full flexibility with no lock-in and minimum term contracts.

Switch plans as needed. Upgrade or downgrade your service anytime at no added cost.

Each of our business VoIP plans include 1 DID. Additional numbers are available at a low cost.

Plug & play phones let you take business calls anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Cut down your monthly phone bill with FREE calls between extensions and to other Alltel VoIP users.

Advanced features such as Voice2Email, call forwarding, and missed call notifications are included as standard.

Generate reports, track your usage, and manage your services through MyAlltel, a self-managed web portal.

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Supercharge your communications with an enterprise-grade VoIP service made for small business.

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