What are direct in dial (DID) numbers?

These are the normal phone numbers that callers use to dial your Business VoIP service (e.g. 03 8513 1300).

Unlike normal landline telephone numbers, you can select a DID number in any state or region, and have all calls routed to your office regardless of your physical location. This allows you to provide a nation-wide presence and offer customers local call rates by advertising DID numbers in every capital city.

Alltel has DID numbers in all areas across Australia

Each plan includes 1 DID by default to your nominated service address.

How do you transfer your existing numbers to Alltel?

You can also choose to keep your existing phone numbers (including standard Australian landline numbers, VoIP numbers, and 1300 and 1800 numbers).

To transfer the number we simply need a copy of your Telco invoice with the phone number you wish to port and the service address it is registered to.

If you have more questions about this please contact one our solutions specialists