Is your internet connection up to the job?

Alltel’s Business VoIP service runs over your Internet connection. If that connection is not strong enough or suffers from congestion, you may suffer break ups and will therefore be unhappy with call quality.

For best results, your Internet connection should provide 128Kb of guaranteed dedicated bandwidth per user (with no packet loss).

The best way to establish this is to perform the following test:

  • Go to
  • Click the green BEGIN TEST button at the top of the page. If required, tell your computer’s security application that it’s okay to run this test.

These are the results you’re looking for:

  • Line Quality of B or above
  • MOS of 4 or above
  • Ping of less than 100 ms
  • Packet Loss of 0%

ping test check

Note that if you do NOT meet all of the above, you are likely to suffer a lot of call break ups so do NOT meet our minimum business VoIP requirements.

Do you need a dedicated internet connection?

Even with strong results from the above PING test, if you are a heavy data user (for example, a graphic designer who often uploads large files), or if you want a large number of phone extensions, your Internet connection will likely suffer from congestion and as a result, your Business VoIP service quality will suffer.

As a general rule, Alltel recommends that you get a dedicated Internet connection for your service if

  • you are a heavy data user (e.g. graphic designer)
  • you want six or more phone extensions

Do you need to increase your data allowances?

Because your Alltel Business VoIP service runs over your broadband Internet connection, you need to ensure that your broadband plan provides sufficient download/upload limits.

It’s a good idea to carefully monitor your broadband usage for the first few months to ensure you don’t exceed your limits. We can guarantee that you’ll be unhappy with your Business VoIP service if your broadband provider throttles your service back to dial-up speed!

If you know roughly how much time you’ll be spending using your Business VoIP service, you can use the following figures (or ask your broadband provider to help you) to calculate your expected usage.

Check the documentation that came with your phone to find out what bandwidth you require for calls. Alltel-provided phones typically use the G729 Codec, which uses the following average amounts of bandwidth for audio calls:

  • 1 minute call = 234 Kilobytes
  • 1 hour call = 13.71 Megabytes

These estimates are for a single direction only and assume one phone being used. If your provider charges for uploads as well as downloads, you will need to double these estimates.