Call Forwarding IVR Menus

Make it faster and easier for callers to reach the person
or department they want
Get customers to connect their own calls, with NO effort
required on your part!

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu is one of those automatic call forwarding menus that usually go something like

  • For Sales, Press 1
  • For Support, Press 2

These allow your callers to quickly connect their own phone calls to the correct person.

You can also use IVR menus to provide general information about your business (like hours of operation) or to broadcast special announcements (e.g. a service provider announcing that one of their services is currently not available and when they expect it to be back online).

Alltel’s Call Forwarding IVR Menus Help to Impress Your Callers

If you’re a sole trader, your IVR menu can make your business sound larger than it is: no-one needs to know that you’re answering the calls for ALL departments!

Your IVR can ring ANY landline or mobile number. That means that if you’re running a start-up with employees that work remotely (for example, in their home offices), you can give your customers a single phone number that they can use to reach ALL employees (no matter where they’re located). “To speak to Lindsay, Press 1; To speak to Andy, Press 2; …”

If you outsource things like accounts or PR, you can route calls to external offices. You can even integrate your IVR menu with an Answering Service, for example, “For Sales, Press 1; For Support, Press 2; To Speak to an Operator, Press 3.” Callers who select to speak to an operator can be transferred directly to your Alltel Answering Service.

How do Call Forwarding IVR menus work?

When a customer calls, the first thing they hear is your call forwarding IVR menu, which usually announces your business name, thanks them for calling, and then presents them with a list of options (e.g. For Sales, Press 1; For Support, Press 2″).

Callers press keys on their telephone keypad to quickly direct their call to the correct person or department.

The IVR system then transfers the call according to their selections. Calls can be routed to any landline or mobile phone number, including things like your Alltel Live Answering and Voice2Email services.

Call Forwarding IVR menus

How to create an effective IVR menu

A well-designed IVR menu can help callers get to the person they want to speak to quickly.

Unfortunately for many callers, an IVR menu can all-too-often be a source of stress and frustration. Common mistakes include automated service menu options that go on forever, no way to go back if you make a mistake, and some IVR menus that hang up without giving callers the option to speak to an operator.

To get the best results from your IVR, it’s important that you avoid these (and other) mistakes. See Using your IVR for Good Instead of Evil for tips and hints on creating the perfect IVR menu.

Call Forwarding IVR Menus are available as add-ons for the following Alltel services:

IVR menus are also included as a standard feature (at no additional cost) with Alltel’s Hosted Phone System.