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Refining the customer experience with intuitive IVR services.

At a time where everything is one message away, something must really be important for a customer to call. They could be finalising their decision to buy, or have already made the purchase and need after-sales support. Having an interactive voice response system can mean the difference between earning a new customer or losing one.

A voice prompt menu or IVR service is a simple and low-cost way of making your call flow smooth and convenient for customers. This system takes customer service to a whole new level by minimising long holds, eliminating distractions for your staff, saving time on multiple transfers, and ensuring first call resolutions.

What is a Voice Prompt Menu (IVR)?

Voice prompt menus (IVR), otherwise known as interactive voice response systems, is a functionality that gives callers control over where their calls are directed. This automated call forwarding system is the lovely voice that tells you to ‘Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support’ to connect your call to the right person or department, when calling a business.

How do Voice Prompt IVR Solutions work?

Alltel Voice Prompt Menus are compatible with any of your business numbers. This includes extensions within your phone system, landlines, mobiles, and inbound numbers.

When a customer calls, a recording announces your business name and thanks them for calling. A list of options will then be presented so they can choose which person or department they need (Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support).

Once they enter an option on their keypad, the IVR system transfers the call according to their selection. With IVR prompts, your calls flow more efficiently with no effort on your part.

How your calls are handled via IVR

Customer calls 1800 or 1300 number Professional voice greeting Call redirected to any department Voice2email Live Answering Service A customer calls your 1300 or 1800 business number. A professional recording greets and thanks callers in your company name. Options are provided for your customers to dial on a keypad and redirect their call. For example:
Press 1 for Sales
Press 2 for Customer Support
Press 3 for Accounts Department and
Press 4 to speak to an operator {Live Answering}
or or Any Department Voice2Email Live Answering Service

More great features

Cut down wasted time on multiple or wrong transfers. Direct calls to members of your staff that are best able to handle specific concerns in a single call.

Enjoy a low-cost way to connect outsourced departments, multiple sites, and remote workers under a single IVR menu.

Get off with a good start with a professionally recorded greeting played at the beginning of all your business calls.

Provide general information about your business such as hours of operation, upcoming sales events, or availability of services as part of your greeting.

Enjoy complete flexibility with no lock-in and minimum term contracts.

No additional flagfall and call connection charges.

Make your business sound more established by having menu prompts, even if you’re a sole trader answering for all departments.

Track and manage your Alltel services through My.Alltel, your self-managed web portal.

Compatibility with Alltel services

Alltel Voice Prompt Menu (IVR) is a recommended add-on for your Alltel inbound numbers:

As an added feature, this IVR service is billed on top of your inbound number plan. Aside from inbound numbers, you may also redirect calls to your Alltel Live Answering or Voice2Email Service.

This service also comes standard with SmartConnect business phone systems. As an included feature, you will get your voice menu at no additional cost (a one-time professional recording fee applies). You may also manage the audio files for your menu prompts through your portal for free.

Professional voice talent

For better customisation, businesses can have their own greeting recorded, or you can enlist the services of our professional voice talents. Alltel has a variety of male and female voice-over professionals available, to help you find the most suitable voice to represent your business.

Female Voice: F1

Female Voice: F2

Female Voice: F4

Female Voice: F5

Female Voice: F6

Female Voice: F7

Female Voice: F8

Male Voice: M1

Male Voice: M2

Male Voice: M3

Male Voice: M4

Male Voice: M5

Male Voice: M6

Male Voice: M7

Male Voice: M8

Male Voice: M9

Male Voice: M10

Male Voice: M11

Male Voice: M12

Male Voice: M13

Male Voice: M14

Female Voice: F2

Male Voice: M3

Stay on top of your business calls with customer-friendly IVR solutions.

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