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Live Phone Answering


“My Alltel live phone answering service means I can be a creative photographer and a successful business woman at the same time,” says Melissa Hobbs, owner of established Melbourne and Sydney photographic studio, Infinity Photography.

Melissa made the decision to invest in the flourishing Sydney photography agency in 2011 after moving from Sydney to Melbourne.

Having completed a 4-year course in photography while looking after her young family, she was excited by the chance to fulfil a long held dream of working in a creative field she loves.


The challenge of working across two cities


“I was missing out on a lot of potential leads because I couldn’t always answer my phone.”

At first Melissa’s plan was to transition the business headquarters from Sydney to Melbourne, however things haven’t quite worked out that way.

“We still do a lot of work in Sydney, including weddings, corporate events and portraits, so I find myself travelling a lot for assignments,” she explains.

With most of her work resulting from word-of-mouth referrals, clients called either the Sydney number or the Melbourne number. She found she was missing out on a lot of leads because she was either on a plane, on the road or on a shoot.

“I love the creative aspect of what I do – it’s where my heart is – but I still fancy myself as a bit of a businesswoman, and as women we think we can do everything at once!” Melissa adds.

When the assignments started coming in hard and fast, Melissa’s natural tendency was to oversee every aspect of the business – photography assignments, client management and even basic office roles such as preferring to be the point of contact for clients.

However, she soon found it impossible to ‘do it all’ without feeling completely overwhelmed.

It didn’t take long to realise Alltel’s live phone answer
service & 1300 Number option ticked all the boxes.

A quick easy and professional solution

Business Requirements

A single business phone number for interstate customers


A professional live phone answering service that’s always on call


Virtual live receptionist


Messages texted 24/7

That’s when a friend recommended Alltel as a way to streamline Melissa’s telecommunications systems. She went straight to our website to research her options.

“It didn’t take long to realise Alltel’s live phone answer service & 1300 Number option ticked all the boxes,” Melissa recalls. “I was pretty much sold right away and signed up there and then.”

“I’m still blown away by how quickly Alltel gave me a telecommunications solution that consolidated my phone systems and allowed me to run my business from wherever I am – office, home or photo shoot,” she adds. “For the small amount paid, Alltel’s live answering service is an absolute godsend.”

A raft of great benefits

“Alltel live answering service is an absolute godsend for my business.”
With Alltel’s phone answering service in place within 24 hours, Melissa went from overwhelmed to in control extra fast.

She was immediately able to reduce her office manager’s hours and take over some of those responsibilities herself, saving her business substantial overheads in the process.

Most importantly, she gets added peace of mind every day knowing her business number will always be answered by a professional while she’s busy working on assignments.

“There’s a world of difference between my clients’ leaving a voice message and talking to a live receptionist,” she enthuses.

“It not only builds my brand’s reputation by making Infinity Photography appear larger and more professional. I’ve also found potential clients are more likely to leave a message with a real person than a machine,” explains Melissa. “And that means fewer lost leads and more opportunities to close a sale.”

Immediate results – no more missed calls

“Don’t think about it – do it now. It will easily be one of the best things you do for your business.”

In fact, she discovered how powerful an Alltel live answering is the very same day her service was connected.

“I didn’t even know I’d missed the call until I received a text message from the service,” tells Melissa. “I called back straight away and made an immediate connection with the woman – her son was looking for a photographer for his engagement party that very weekend.”

Because Melissa was able to return the call in such a timely manner, she got the booking. The client relationship she fostered that day also resulted in ongoing work – she photographed the wedding and did the couples’ family portraits as well.

“Alltel has given me the freedom to concentrate on making my business better. With this service in place a lot more can come into play,” she says. “I no longer have to worry about who’s answering the phone at lunchtime or when I’m picking up the kids from school – I know it’s all being taken care of by an expert.”

“In theory, I might even be able to take a holiday now!” She adds, laughing.

When asked, Melissa has just one tip for other businesses like hers considering investing in an Alltel live phone answer service: “Don’t think about it – do it now. It will easily be one of the best things you do for your business productivity and bottom line.”