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Typical Daily Challenges

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“Without Alltel’s leading edge 1300 Number solutions it would have been difficult to get my new business idea up and running,” says Callum McKay, owner of Bendigo-based Occupational Health and Safety consulting business, William McKenzie Consulting.

Callum entered in the OH&S consulting industry by accident rather than design While emigrating from Scotland to Australia 19 years ago.

An industrial engineer by trade, when he arrived in Australia his qualifications weren’t recognised. However, a helpful immigration expert noticed an OH&S qualification in his resume, and Callum found himself a new career in a new country.

“A conversation about the difficulties of getting my qualifications recognised led to my first gig as an OH&Sconsultant,” he explains. “At first I thought the work would tide me over until I found a ‘real job,’ but ultimately Idiscovered I loved the flexibility and variety of consulting and haven’t looked back.

Successful growth has its challenges

Callum set up William McKenzie Consulting in 1996 and by the late 1990s he had extended the business to include four consultants on the payroll. But there was a downside.

“I found I was spending far more time as a sales person trying to drum up enough business to keep things ticking over, rather than enjoying the process”, he explains.

When things came to a head, Callum decided he would be happier scaling operations back to just himself as principal consultant with a trusted team of specialists he could call in on a freelance basis and two casual administration staff.

In the past I’ve invested in a number of phone
systems, but I’ve found they often didn’t work the
way I wanted or were highly expensive.

There’s only so much of me to go around

William Mckenzie Consulting has since gone from strength to strength and Callum continues to enjoy the unique flexibility and satisfaction
working for one’s self can provide. And yet he discovered a new business problem – time vs. workload.

Callum’s Business Challenges:

Find an affordable telecommunications solution that allows callers across Australia to connect with trusted services in their local area


Locate mobile phones users wherever they are


Accommodate callers looking for services in a location other than their current location


Get access to detail call reporting to assist with strategic decision-making and marketing

“Ultimately, there’s only so much of me to go around,” he says. “I love what I do, but there is a limit to how many hours I can consult a day without expanding the business again – and so there’s a ceiling to how much I can earn.”

The answer was to investigate forms of passive income that could quietly tick over in the background while Callum got on with his primary work. And that’s where Alltel came in.

Alltel helped make make my business idea happen

Callum had a great passive business idea but was having trouble finding a telecommunications provider to come to the party.

He shopped around a wide range of telco companies but none had the cost effective functionality he was after. Then he called Alltel.

“I was talking to an Alltel sales manager about my needs when the General Manager, Trent Brinsley, who was leading a training session at the time, overheard the conversation,” Callum recalls. “He immediately asked if he could call me directly.”

After speaking to Trent about his business idea and what would be required, Callum knew he’d found the right provider.

“We had a long conversation about what I was after and Trent ran me through the various options available,” he remembers.

“Tianne worked closely with me to put together a product that allowed my passive business to get up and running straight away,” he enthuses. “Plus the package was very affordable.”

“We take the time to understand our customers businesses, what their requirements are, and the outcome they want to achieve, to provide the best solution in both short and long term,” Tianne explains. “In this instance, Callum and I both agreed 1300 numbers and Postcode Prompting services would allow Callum’s business to grow and expand in the future.”

Telecommunications Solution:

My experience with Alltel has been extremely positive.
Staff bended over backward to help me find the right
solution for my business needs and I know they’ll be
there to support me as my business grows.

Impressive call reporting on demand

Another deal closer for Callum in choosing Alltel over other providers was the in-depth reporting offered.

“Reporting on even the basic Alltel packages is fantastic,” he says. “I get access to vital data that helps me make better business decisions and set up strategies for future growth.”

Callum can also download activity data for each of his 1300 Numbers into an Excel spreadsheet that can be included in marketing packs to interested customers.

“Alltel’s powerful reporting tools show me what’s working where and how,” he explains. “This makes it easier for me to deliver persuasive statistics to potential subscribers and grow my passive income further.”

Asked whether he would recommend Alltel to other business owners like him, Callum was unequivocal in his response.

“Absolutely!” He says. “My experience with Alltel has been extremely positive. I’m confident that as my business continues to grow over the next few years, they’ll be there to support me with great solutions that match my needs at every step.”

Postcode prompting solves critical communication challenges

Alltel’s postcode prompting service solved all Callum’s telecommunications issues.

Most providers can route 1300 Numbers to automatically direct incoming calls to the branch or office closest to the caller based on their number location. However, if a call comes from a mobile or a caller requires a service in a different location to where they’re calling from, this solution falls flat.

“Postcode prompting fixes this problem,” explains Callum. “Now calls to my 1300 Numbers are greeted with a recorded message asking them to enter the 4-digit postcode of their required service location.” In turn, this more targeted approach allows him to more effectively sell subscriptions to businesses and services looking to reach customers in their area.

“Callers get immediately put through to great businesses in their locality, my subscribers generate more leads and I generate passive income while I work. It’s a win-win-win scenario,” he adds.

Postcode Prompting allows Callum to:

Capture all callers regardless of their chosen device, including mobile phones


Deliver services to callers dialling from a number that is in a different location from the service they require (e.g. calling from work when looking for a business close to home).


Create a consistent brand presence that also allows inbound calls to flow through to each individual subscribers answer point.