Perfectly matched services with the new Connect Bundle

Capture all leads through a bundled 1300 number with answering service.

Calls are often your first point of contact with customers. But with more than one task pulling in you different directions, it’s not practical to sit by your phone all-day waiting for clients and suppliers to call. A 1300 number and live answering bundle lets you customise which of your phones ring and when, while lending your business a professional voice to answer calls when you can’t.

Why does your business need a 1300 number with answering service?

An inbound number offers you mobility through customised routing schemes that redirect calls to different answerpoints. Calls to your 1300 number can be answered on a fixed line or mobile. But what happens when you can’t answer any of your devices?

Adding a live answering service provides your business additional support without the need to hire and train an in-house receptionist. A phone answering service can serve as an overflow option during busy seasons or an after-hours solution to capture all leads.

Alltel’s Connect Bundle is the ideal call bundle for startups, home offices, and SMEs looking for a flexible and professional way of managing business calls.

1300 or 1800 numbers
1300 Numbers

Customise when and how calls are routed to your office/home phones, mobiles, or answering service with a ‘local call’ number. As virtual numbers, these are not tied to one location, allowing you to offer local call rates for customers across cities and states.

live answering service
Messages 24/7 Live Answering Service

Make a lasting impression over the phone with a professional phone answering service available 24/7. Route calls to Australian-based operators if you’re on a call or when you can’t answer your phone. Get instant access to your messages through SMS and email.

A bundled call solution for entrepreneurs on the go

Combining a 1300 number with a Messages 24/7 service gives you the freedom to work on your business without fear of missing an important call. By pairing these compatible virtual services, you can build trust and credibility over the phone at low startup costs.

Save on local landline to landline calls with free 30 minutes included with your 1300 number.

Impress callers by having a professional operator answer calls whenever you can’t.

Capture all leads by customising how calls are routed to your existing phones and answering service.


Take messages accurately and review them as they come with instant access via SMS and email.

Encourage more enquiries by offering local call rates for customers across Australia.

Attend networking events, meet clients, or go on house calls without missing a business opportunity.

Keep the same business number even if you move or relocate offices. Your number is yours for as long as you need it.

Provide 24-hour support to your customers at low costs. Weekends and holidays included.

Put a spotlight on customer service with a business number and live answering service.

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