High-capacity business ethernet with Alltel Ethernet Broadband

An Ethernet service with blistering speeds for every industry.

Business Ethernet is the technology of choice for entrepreneurs who want to stay up to date, competitive and most of all–efficient. While alternatives like fibre are known for their ability to deliver high bandwidth and reliability, costs for installing them directly to homes and offices can be prohibitive for startups and small businesses. The beauty of Ethernet for business lies in its simplicity. Copper networks are the most prevalent network access technology as of the moment. By utilising the existing infrastructure, installation, turn up and maintenance is not only easier, but more cost-effective.

What is Ethernet?

Breathing new life to copper lines, Business Ethernet gives it fibre-like capabilities without the high setup costs. Copper lines are paired and bonded together to deliver higher speeds at significantly lower costs. Distance from the exchange will determine how many pairs are needed for each service.

Alltel Ethernet Broadband is a fast and reliable symmetrical internet service providing speeds from 4Mbps – 20Mbps. Symmetrical bandwidth maximises your communication efficiency in delivering and receiving data by having the same upload and download speeds. By having no data caps, your team can handle any task without fear of going over your monthly data allocation.

ADSL vs Ethernet Broadband

Heavy data users sharing a single ADSL connection often experience diminished speeds because of its limited capacity. Connectivity with this type of broadband also relies on a single line. So in the event that a piece of hardware in your exchange fails, you could completely lose service. That’s a big risk, especially if your business requires access to a steady and reliable internet connection for your main operations.

Considered a step up from ADSL, an Ethernet internet service supports the performance of high data services like file sharing, Virtual Private Networks, web hosting, and IP communications. This service is uncontended, which means you are not sharing bandwidth with other users at peak times. As a multi-paired service, your connection stays up even if one line malfunctions.

A business internet service made for optimal performance

An Ethernet internet service is intended for SMEs who require constant throughput of data regardless of time and day of use, and other environmental factors. It is currently available in 420 exchanges and growing.

Get 99.5% service availability with an enterprise-grade internet connection for SMEs.

Boost your productivity through a business internet service with unlimited uploads and downloads.

Get a secured connection with a static IP address that comes included with your business Ethernet broadband.

Run multiple applications such as VoIP, VPNs, hosted apps, while sharing a single internet connection.

A network termination unit to connect the service to your internal networks is included with your service.

Gain 24/7 access to our customer support team and say goodbye to long queues and delayed resolutions.

By using the existing infrastructure, this high speed internet service is easy to install and maintain.

Generate reports, track your usage and view your other Alltel services through MyAlltel, a self-managed web portal.

More great features

No data caps

Unlimited internet means you never have to worry about shaped speeds and coverage charges.

Excellent customer support

No waiting in queue with thousands of residential users. Get immediate access to our fast and friendly customer support team for any concerns.

Flexible terms

This service is available in 12, 24, and 36 month terms. Upgrade or downgrade your plans any time for free.

Superior speeds at low costs

Ethernet for business gives higher bandwidth without the prohibitive costs of an all-fibre internet solution.

Business continuity

A multi-paired service makes it possible to use your connection even if one line gets damaged or goes down, with only reduced performance.

Achieve maximum efficiency with connectivity made for rapid growth.

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