Alltel FAQ - Billing


What are the normal billing cycle dates?

Our billing cycle is each calendar month.

Bills are produced during the first few days of the following month and you will be notified via email when your bill (PDF) is available via your online portal (usually around 5th).

Direct Debits are processed approximately 7 days later (usually around 12th).

What charges will be included on my first bill?

Your first invoice will include the following:

  • Setup fees for each service.
  • Pro-rata monthly plan fees for the remaining days of the month that your service commenced.
  • Next month’s monthly plan fees in advance.
  • Call charges incurred during the month.
  • Any excess charges (e.g. for Live Answering messages in excess of plan allowance) incurred during the month.

How will I receive my bill?

In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment, we are a paperless business as far as practical. Consequently, we do not send bills in the mail.

Early each month (on or around the 5th of the month), we will send you an email notifying you that your previous months’ account is available through your online portal

You can then review your charges online. Each month we also provide you with a PDF that you can file/save electronically (or print fully or partially if you wish).

How do I pay my account?

Your account must be paid by Direct Debit, either by Bank Account or Credit Card. On or around the 12th of the month (approximately 5-7 days after your bill has been made available), we will debit your account accordingly.

To avoid Direct Debit Dishonour Administration Charges, you will need to ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the total due amount.

Why must I provide a Direct Debit?

Alltel uses a billing system that is fully automated and processes payments via Direct Debit only.

This enables us to have less staff resources involved in managing customers’ accounts, resulting in reduced overheads and savings being passed on to our customers through lower rates and charges.

This also allows us to have more staff devoted to providing our customers with excellent service. Invoices are available online approximately 5-7 days before Direct Debits are processed. This gives our customers adequate time to review charges etc before payment is processed.

If you ever have any concern regarding the details of your bill, we are always happy to discuss any issues, review your bill with you and if required, make adjustments before your Direct Debit is processed.

While we understand that you may have a concern with providing us with a Direct Debit Request Authority, our company policy is that we do not accept any other form of payment.

It is a condition of our trading terms that you must maintain a Direct Debit with us, drawn on a valid bank account.

Can I view my call records and account on the Internet?

Yes. We give you online access to your account and call analysis details. Our online reporting and call analysis allows you to track your callers … date, time, origin (local, national or mobile), partial number of caller (limited to partial number because of Privacy Laws) and the call duration of every call.

What happens if my Direct Debit is dishonoured and I don’t pay?

The telecommunications industry suffers from huge levels of bad debt.

Accordingly, Alltel has a VERY strict credit management and payment policy. After all, we are extending you credit and we expect your account to be paid when due.

We believe it is good financial management and in the interests of our company and our other customers to strictly manage outstanding debts within the requirements of the Trade Practices Act, the ACMA and the Telecommunications Industry.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty,

  1. you should immediately contact our office to inform us and discuss payment of your account and.
  2. a community financial counselor or consumer advocate may be able to help you with your financial situation. Contact your local community services department or financial counselor or consumer advocate.