Alltel FAQ - ADSL + PSTN bundle

ADSL + PSTN bundle

Can I transfer an existing landline and internet service to Alltel?

Absolutely! As part of your application, all you need is to provide the following information.

  • your current active landline telephone number
  • the ABN (or ACN) for your business
  • direct debit or credit card details
  • the name of your existing Internet service provider (if you are transferring your service to Alltel)

What happens to my ADSL if my landline is disconnected or cancelled?

Your ADSL+PSTN bundle requires an active landline service. In the event that your landline service is disconnected or cancelled, your ADSL service will also be disconnected.

How long does it take to set-up my service?

It depends on whether a new PSTN connection will be installed or if an active service will be transferred. Once your phone service is available, it typically takes 3 to 5 working days for your ADSL service to be connected. We will inform you by email and SMS once your broadband service is available.