Alltel FAQ - Business Internet


What is the difference between residential and business internet services?

Faster speeds

Alltel Business Internet services are all designed to handle the daily demands of business use. We offer a range of high-bandwidth and unlimited internet services that can handle data-heavy activities such as transferring large files, video conferencing, and using hosted applications.

Less congestion

Unlike residential internet services, Alltel Business Internet services are delivered on enterprise-grade networks which are less congested. A constant throughput of data is also guaranteed, regardless of peak/off-peak hours.

Responsive customer service

We understand how important having an active internet connection is crucial for businesses like yours. By catering solely to businesses, attending to your support needs is easier and much convenient for you.

What does ''shaping'' my internet speed mean?

Shaping your speed simply means throttling your connection to a lower speed once you have used up your monthly data allowance. Your speeds will go back to normal in the beginning of the next billing cycle.

How can I maximise my business internet speeds?

To get the most out of your connection, make sure to select a business internet service that supports your bandwidth needs. This means taking into consideration which of your daily activities use the internet, and how many people are sharing a single connection.

For businesses that have hosted phone services, it may be good idea to consider getting a dedicated internet connection for your phone system.