Alltel FAQ - Fibre 400

Fibre 400

Why should I choose Fibre 400?

Increased connectivity

Get fibre speeds of up to 400 Mbps while reducing installation and monthly costs by getting connected at buildings with existing fibre facilities.

Business-grade network

As an enterprise-grade internet service, you don’t have to share the network with thousands of residential users, so your connection is less congested and significantly faster.

24/7 Customer Support

Your service is monitored round the clock to ensure connectivity. Our friendly specialists are always on-hand to provide support and advise when you need it.

Monitor your usage online

Manage your Fibre 400 and other Alltel services through MyAlltel-- your self-managed web portal. Access tools that track your monthly data usage, view bills, and request changes to your services online.

No data caps

Alltel Fibre 400 is an unlimited internet service that comes with uncapped data. No upload and download allowances.

No peak/off-peak hours

Transfer large files, go on video calls, and use hosted applications any time with a business internet service.

Are there any usage fees?

No- Alltel Fibre 400 is an unlimited internet service. Your data uploads and downloads are uncapped (subject to the fair usage policy).