Alltel FAQ - Business Phone Lines

Business Phone Lines (PSTN)

Can I transfer an existing PSTN line to Alltel?

Yes, you can. To be qualify for transfer, you must have an active phone number and dial tone.

Note that when you transfer or relocate a landline service, any additional business features attached to your landline such as call forwarding and call waiting, will be automatically transferred with your service.

How much will it cost to transfer my business phone line?

Transfers of existing Telstra landlines to Alltel are free.

Is it possible to relocate my Alltel Business Phone Line to a different location?

Yes. We can move your Alltel service to different premises, and it would be considered a new connection.

No break fees will be applied to your previous contract. Instead, a new contract period will begin with the relocation. You may request to have your services overlapped if required.