Can my 1300 / 1800 number be dialled from outside Australia?

There is NO guarantee that 1300 or 1800 numbers can be dialled successfully from overseas. Therefore, we STRONGLY recommend that you advertise a local landline number as your point of contact for International customers.

Some countries, including the US, UK and Canada, have telephone networks that are compatible with Australia’s 1300/1800 network, and in many cases calls can be placed successfully. However, success depends entirely on the other country’s telephone network providers, and may vary from district to district (and even from day to day).

If the call is accepted by the overseas network, the caller will be charged according to their contract with their provider. There are no free calls or local call rates from outside of Australia.

To call a 1300 or 1800 number from outside Australia, dial the overseas call-out code (e.g. 011 in North America) + Australia’s country code (61) + your 1300 or 1800 number.

What are the differences between different telcos?

The inbound number itself will work the same way no matter who you select as a carrier. So really, your selection will comes down to things like price, customer service, and product range.

Many businesses prefer to deal with a single carrier who can provide all of their telecommunications needs, including inbound numbers, landlines, live answering, IVR, and virtual fax. This provides the convenience of having everything on one bill, and having one point of contact for your queries and requests.

We all need to balance our budgets, so price is also important. With different providers offering different monthly fees, free talk time, and call rates, it can be a bit difficult to compare inbound number plans. For example, a plan that has $0 monthly fee, no free talk time, and more expensive call rates can wind up costing considerably more than a plan that has a $20 monthly fee, 20 minutes of free talk time, and lower call rates. It’s important to consider things like how many calls you receive, where they typically come from, and the average call length, when calculating which carrier and plan is right for you.

And last but certainly not least, customer service can often be the deciding factor. It’s important to deal with a carrier who understands your business, and can provide helpful advice plus prompt and effective response to any queries or requests you have. Ask your colleagues for recommendations and have a look at forums for feedback about different carriers. At Alltel, our customers tell us that in addition to having the best rates, we’re more helpful, more informative and that we provide faster connections and better service. But then again, you’d expect us to say that!