Alltel FAQ - Inbound Numbers


What is an inbound number?

Inbound numbers include 13 numbers, 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers (including smartnumbers®). These inbound numbers are “virtual” phone numbers, in that they aren’t tied to any one specific phone in the same way that your landline and mobile numbers are.

Instead, you route your inbound number calls to the “answerpoints” at which you want it to ring, including landlines, mobile phones, fax machines or call answering services. You can select multiple answerpoints for a single inbound number, for example if you want to ring a different number outside of regular business hours, or if you want your calls to go through to an answering service when your line is busy or not being answered.

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Who owns my number?

You should always own your business number.

You own the number if you purchase it directly from Alltel or ACMA. This means it’s yours for the life of your business--even if you move offices or decide to switch providers.

There are some telcos that allow you to purchase will purchase numbers and then lease them back to you. This model carries risks that you should carefully consider before agreeing to it. Your advertised phone number is the lifeline of your business. If you don’t own your own number, your provider can increase your lease fees each year if they want to, and may not allow you to take the number with you if you want to change providers. There have even been cases where a business has fallen out with their provider, and the provider has given their inbound number to a competing business.

Can I keep the same number if I change carriers?

Yes, as long as you OWN your number.

One of the benefits of inbound numbers is that you’re able to move your number from office to office and from telco provider to telco provider. This allows you to keep the same number for the life of your business.

That’s why it’s important when you first get your number to make sure that YOU own it, and that you’re not leasing it from your carrier. When you lease your number from a carrier, they have the right to refuse to allow you to move the carrier to a different carrier. They also have the right to reallocate your number to a different business.

What is a shared number?

Sharing of the same inbound number is a common practice, especially with phone word (smart number) providers.

The way this works, is that an inbound number can be routed to multiple destination numbers. That means that for a single inbound number any calls from NSW callers could be routed to a number in Sydney, and for the same number, any calls from Victoria could be routed to a (different) Melbourne business. This allows phone word providers to lease the same number to different businesses in each state.

Numbers can be routed right down to the exchange level, allowing a single 13, 1300 or 1800 number to be shared between multiple local businesses.

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Can I use an Australian inbound number if my business is based outside Australia?

If you have a business based in a country outside Australia and wish to do business in Australia, we can set up a 1300 number or 1800 number and route it to your own office (calls can originate in Australia and terminate in one of many international countries) our 24/7 Australian Live Answering service.

Messages will then be sent to you via email.

Alltel’s international contact details are:

Phone:+61 3 8513 1300 Fax: +61 3 8376 8286

Our sales office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10). If you call outside these hours, please provide the operator with your FULL international phone number so one of our team can return your call during our normal business hours.

What if a customer calls outside of office hours?

Having an Alltel 1800 Number gives you the ability to redirect (route) calls to different numbers based on the time of day.

For example, outside of regular office hours you can automatically redirect all calls to your mobile phone or an Alltel Live Answering Service.

Will my number work Australia-wide?

Yes, it does. You can give your business a national presence and attract customers from all around the country.

Can I redirect calls to different office locations based on the caller’s location?

Yes, you can. For example, you can automatically redirect (route) Western Australian callers to your Perth office and callers from New South Wales to your Sydney office.

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Can I access call details?

Yes, you can. Built-in reports show you details of all calls, helping you to measure the return on investment of your different advertising channels and marketing campaigns, so you can spend your marketing dollars more effectively.

These details can be accessed via the My Alltel portal.

What if I am unable to answer a call?

With an Alltel inbound number, you have the ability to stop missing calls (and potential business)!

You can automatically forward calls to a second (or third) number at times when you’re not able to answer the phone.

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