Alltel FAQ - Local Connect

Local Numbers

Why should my business use Local Connect?

Local Connect encourages more “local” customers to call. This means that your business can have a “local” phone number (e.g. 02. 03, 07) in any major Australian city – no matter where they are locate.

Local Connect numbers are available for major Australian cities, helping you to promote a local presence Australia-wide.

Do Local Connect numbers work internationally?

Yes, they do. You can provide alternative numbers for mobile/overseas callers, which can be used in addition to your 1300 or 1800 number to provide mobile and overseas callers with an alternative number to call.

All calls to 1300, 1800 and Local Connect numbers can be answered on the same phone.

Can I add and remove numbers from my Local Connect?

Yes, you can add new numbers and remove old numbers as required. There is no minimum term and no cancellation fee.

That makes it easy and affordable to add extra Local Connect numbers when you need them for marketing campaigns and competitions, and to cancel them when they’re no longer required.

What if I am unable to answer a Local Connect call?

If you miss a call, you’ll receive an email notification with either a voicemail message or the number of the person who called.

Follow up on your leads while they’re still hot and convert some of those missed calls into sales!

*Note that the calling number cannot be provided if Caller ID is blocked.

Do I need to have a new phone line installed?

No, there is no need for expensive and disruptive phone line installation.

You can answer all incoming calls on your existing landline and mobile phones.

It’s also quick and easy to redirect your Local Connect numbers, which keeps your phones ringing if you relocate or expand.

How do I manage my Local Connect numbers?

You can manage your numbers through the My Alltel portal.

For example, you can update routing/answer points.

All changes made through the portal are FREE to make and take effect IMMEDIATELY.

The portal also gives you real-time access to all of your call records. (Available only as part of the Local Connect Plus Bundle.)

Can I record calls?

Yes, you are able to record calls to help improve customer service and sales.

With Call Recording, you have the ability to measure the performance of your staff, improve training and evaluate your business processes by listening to both sides of telephone conversations.

In addition to this, the Local Connect Plus Bundle has an add-on feature that allows you to identify areas where improvement is required.