Alltel FAQ - Call Routing

Call Routing

What routing schemes are included with my Alltel Inbound Numbers at no additional charge?

Your Alltel Inbound Number service includes Australia-wide, State-based, Time & Day-based routing, Call Splaying, Call Forwarding, and Call Barring options for free.

Can I customise a complex routing configuration for my business?

Definitely! Complex routing schemes such as Region-based, Area-based, Exchange-based, and Postcode Prompting can be added to your service for an additional charge.

How do I request changes to my call redirection?

For Starter, Grow and Pro Plans:

You may call us at 1300 255 835, send an email to, or send a change request through the customer portal at Our B2B specialists will be happy to assist you with any changes to your call routing.

For Advance Plans:

Customers with Advance plans can manage and make changes to their call routing through the portal access provided by Alltel.

How much will it cost to change my routing scheme?

Changing answerpoints and schedules incur a $10 change fee. Complex requests will be quoted.

How long does it take for call routing changes to be applied to my service?

For Starter, Grow and Pro Plans:

Requests sent over the phone, email, and through the portal have a turnaround time of up to 1 business day.

For Advance Plans:

Changes done through the portal are applied in real-time.