Why should my business use a Live Answering service?

Did you know that around 75% of callers hang up when their call is answered by voicemail or an answering machine! With an Alltel Live Answering Service, you can stop missing calls (and potential business) and ensure that ALL calls to your business are answered quickly and professionally by a real person.

Increase your productivity

Do customer phone calls ever distract you when you’re trying to get some work done? You’re not alone! Let us answer your calls when you need to focus on your business priorities, and then phone people back at a time that suits you (and your schedules).

Make a great first impression

Alltel’s professionally-trained, Australian-based operators answer all calls in your business name, and can give the impression that you have your own receptionist.

Provide your customers with 24/7 access and support

Calls are answered all day, every day (including public holidays) with messages forwarded to you immediately by SMS and email. With plans starting from just $29, it’s a very affordable way to look after your customers 24/7.

Easily separate business from pleasure

Do you have trouble “switching off” at the end of the day? Does your phone always ring when you’re trying to spend time with family or friends? Alltel’s Telephone Answering Service answers calls during your “off hours” to help you achieve good work/life balance and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

Choose which calls you want us to answer

You can select to have ALL calls answered or you can use your Messages 24/7 service only to answer calls when you can’t (e.g. when you’re already on the phone or after hours).

How can I access my messages?

You can access your messages no matter where you are via SMS messages or emails. This is perfect for the times where it could be inconvenient (or impolite) to receive a phone call.

Are my calls answered in Australia?

Yes, ALL of your calls are answered in Australia. Some other answering services ship their calls off-shore outside of normal business hours, whereas Alltel’s Live Phone Answering service answers EVERY call from our Australian-based call centres.

What if I want to change my Live Answering Service plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan for free at any time to meet your changing business needs.

You can even add virtual receptionist call connection services to have calls connected directly to you or any other employee.

Can messages be left for specific departments?

Yes. With Team Messenger or Reception Connect, messages can be taken for individual departments within your business and even for individual team members. This helps ensure that information gets to the correct person quickly.