Alltel FAQ - Business Intro

Business Intro

Why does my business need a business greeting?

Welcome all callers with a professional and friendly greeting

Calls are answered exactly the way you want, each and every time. Use those first seven seconds to make the right impression and get things off to the best possible start.

A great addition to your live answering service

Alltel’s Business Intro ensures that your business name is announced correctly every time the phone is answered. This is especially important for businesses with names that are difficult to pronounce.

Answer ALL calls using the correct business name

This one is very useful for anyone running multiple businesses, each of which has its own name and phone number. Your Business Intro service greets callers using the name of the business the customer dials BEFORE the call is transferred through to you.

Ideal for any home-based business

When you’re running a business from home, there may be times when someone else answers the phone before you do. Business Intro ensures that ALL incoming calls are answered in your business name.

Add to your existing inbound number

Alltel’s Business Intro service can be integrated with your existing Inbound numbers, including 13, 1300 and 1800 Numbers and Alltel Local Connect Numbers. ALL of your callers will be greeted with your pre-recorded messagebefore their calls are connected through to you on your mobile or landline, or to your receptionist or live answering service.

Select from Alltel’s range of voice talent

Alltel offers either male or female [voice talent professionals] to record your greeting. Choose the voice that best represents your business.

Great for promotions and competition hotlines

Use a brief, pre-recorded message to welcome callers to your promotion or competition hotline, before asking them to leave a message (or having the call connected through to you).

Is it possible to add information other than my business name to my greeting?

Yes. You may add a brief background of your business or your hours of operation along with your business name.

How long does my business greeting need to be?

Standard greetings can be a maximum of 20 words. A longer greeting may also be quoted for you if required.

Can I use this greeting for my Live Answering Service?

Sure! Your Business Intro greeting can played before a call is connected to any of your preferred numbers, including your Live Answering Service.

Is my Business Intro service compatible with other Alltel services?

Yes. This service may be used in combination with 1300, 1800, 13, and Local Connect Numbers. These also come included as a standard feature with Alltel Local Connect Plus and Hosted Phone Systems.

Do I need to provide my own recording?

You may use your own recorded greeting, or you may choose to have one recorded by our professional voice talents. Please take note that the cost of the recording is not included with the service.