Alltel FAQ - Voice Prompt (IVR) Menu

Voice Prompt (IVR) Menu

Why does my business need a Voice Prompt (IVR) Menu?

Welcome all callers with a professional and friendly greeting

Your IVR menu answers all calls exactly the way you want, each and every time. Project a professional image and make a great first impression.

Make your business look big (before you’re big)

Calls are answered exactly the way you want, each and every time. Use those first seven seconds to make the right impression and get things off to the best possible start.

Connect customer calls faster

It’s fast and easy for customers to connect their own calls to the correct person or department. There’s no effort required on your part!

Add to your existing Alltel services

Alltel’s Call Forwarding IVR Menu service can be integrated with your existing 13, 1300 and 1800 Numbers and is included as a standard feature with Alltel’s Hosted Phone System.

Integrate with your live answering or Voice2Email service

Include a menu option for callers who want to speak to an operator and automatically direct all of those calls to your Alltel Live Answering Service. And for those who want to leave a message, provide an option that directs calls to your Voice2Email service.

Keep your distributed team connected

Even if you’re not all located in the same physical office, customers can reach the entire team using a single incoming phone number. Menu options can connect to people based in different offices and even different states!

Keep customers informed about service interruptions

Use your IVR greeting to tell callers about any service interruptions and when services will return to normal. This provides most callers with the answer they are after without requiring them to wait on the line until someone is available to take their call.

Select from Alltel’s wide range of voice talent

If required, you can get your VIR menu options professionally recorded. Alltel has a range of both make and female voice talent professionals available. Choose the voice that best represents your business.

Can I add a prompt for numbers to external offices?

Yes. A Voice Prompt (IVR) Menu service makes it easy to connect multiple sites and outsourced departments under one business number.

Are Voice Prompt (IVR) Menus compatible with other Alltel services?

Yes. Your Voice Prompt (IVR) Menu is compatible with Alltel 13, 1300, and 1800 numbers. It is also included as a standard feature with Alltel Hosted Phone Systems at no additional charge.

Is it possible to customise my menu recording?

Yes. You can select a professional voice talent to record your menu through the Alltel Voiceover Recording service. The cost of your recording may vary depending on the length and complexity of the menu. Get in touch with our business consultants to get a detailed quote.