Alltel FAQ - Voice2Email


Why does my business need Voice2Email?

Respond to important calls in a timely manner

Be notified immediately when you receive a message. Prioritise call backs to ensure that urgent matters are handled quickly.

Ignore the phone (when required) to increase productivity

Focus on important work without constant interruptions caused by a ringing phone. Review your Voice2Email messages as they come in and prioritise your work and call backs.

A cost effective and convenient way to capture sales leads

Voice2Email is a great solution for capturing caller details from things like competition hotlines. Callers will hear your custom recording, and then leave messages that you can have sent to a dedicated email address. Useful for ANY service where you want to repeat the same message to all callers and get them to leave a message.

Access messages from any device connected to the Internet

Receive and review messages from anywhere that you have email access, including using a smartphone—anywhere, anytime. Check your messages at times where it could be inconvenient (or impolite) to receive a phone call.

Leave reminder notes for yourself quickly and easily

In less time than it takes most of us to write an email, send a text message or log in to a calendar to set up an appointment, you can simply phone your Voice2Email number and leave a message. That reminder will be waiting in your email when you get back to work.

Keep connected when you’re away from the office

There’s no need to log in to your business voicemail at regular intervals to check for messages. Instead, you can receive email notifications on your laptop or phone, and know immediately when someone leaves a message.

Manage messages more efficiently

Messages are easier to store, forward and manage when they’re in digital format. Incorporate Alltel’s Voice2Email service into an overall unified messaging solution for your business to better manage all digital communications.

Personalise your Voice2Email greeting to reflect YOUR business

Create your own personalised welcome message that greets all callers when they reach your Voice2Email service. If required, Alltel can arrange professional recording of your message (additional fees apply).

Voice2Email works with your existing Alltel services

Alltel’s Voice2Email service is compatible with your existing 13, 1300 and 1800 Numbers Numbers.

Do I need to download software or an app to receive my voice messages online?

No. As a completely virtual service, all your voicemail is processed at our server for conversion, before it is sent to you. All you need is to assign an active email address where you wish to receive your voice messages.

How do I retrieve my voicemail online?

All voice messages are sent as a sound file attachment to your designated email address. Simply double click on your attachment and listen to it from any of your devices.

Do you charge per message?

No. Instead of counting the number of messages you receive, your rates are quoted by the minute, and your service is billed pro-rata by 1-second increments.

Can I use my own recorded greeting?

Yes you can. You may also choose to have one professionally recorded by one of our professional voice over talents.

Is my Voice2Email service compatible with other Alltel services?

Definitely! Your Voice2Email service can be a standalone service, come as part of the Virtual Offices Bundle, or it may come included as standard with your Local Connect or Hosted Phone System at no additional cost.

What file type is supported by this service?

All received messages are converted to .WAV files and can be played from most standard music players.

I mistakenly deleted the email, can I get another copy of my messages?

Every time you receive a voice message, a copy is also sent to your Alltel portal. You may get a copy of your messages by signing in to your portal.