What are the differences between 1300 and 1800 numbers?

These two types of inbound numbers provide the same benefits to business, including being portable and having flexible routing and configuration options. The only real difference between them is price.

For the caller, a 1800 number is a free call from a landline, while a 1300 number is the cost of a local call (typically 30 cents). Note that if calls are made from mobile phones, the mobile carrier determines the cost of the call.

For the business receiving the call, a 1300 number includes free talk time for local landline-to-landline calls. Free minutes vary depending on plans, with our most popular 1300 number plan providing 30 free minutes. There is no free component for 1800 numbers, with the business paying the full cost for the call.

As a general rule, 1300 numbers are well suited for businesses who receive a large number of local landline-to-landline calls. And 1800 numbers are well suited for businesses who want to encourage callers by offering free calls.