Who owns my number?

You should always own your business number.

You own the number if you purchase your number from a government auction or directly from a telco. That means it’s yours for the life of your business, and you can move it from office to office, and from telco provider to telco provider.

There are some telcos that allow you to purchase will purchase numbers and then lease them back to you. This model carries risks that you should carefully consider before agreeing to it. Your advertised phone number is the lifeline of your business. If you don’t own your own number, your provider can increase your lease fees each year if they want to, and may not allow you to take the number with you if you want to change providers. There have even been cases where a business has fallen out with their provider, and the provider has given their inbound number to a competing business.

Can I keep the same number if I change carriers?

Yes, as long as you OWN your number.
One of the benefits of inbound numbers is that you’re able to move your number from office to office and from telco provider to telco provider. This allows you to keep the same number for the life of your business.

That’s why it’s important when you first get your number to make sure that YOU own it, and that you’re not leasing it from your carrier. When you lease your number from a carrier, they have the right to refuse to allow you to move the carrier to a different carrier. They also have the right to reallocate your number to a different business.