Why does my business need call recording?

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Record caller questions and expectations to help measure the success of different marketing channels. Determine which factors lead to calls converting to sales.

Record calls to help improve customer service and sales

Measure the performance of your staff, improve training, and evaluate your business processes by listening to both sides of telephone conversations. Identify areas where improvement is required.

Increase business security and reduce liability

Call recording is a fast and convenient way to keep a record of verbal contracts and other important calls, and helps to reduce the possibility of disputes.

Gain insight into your performance of your business

When customer service is a high priority, call recordings can help you to monitor customer requests and demands and also your business’s responsiveness to those requests and demands. How successful are you at satisfying customers and are there any areas for improvement?

Adhere to policies and regulations

Many industries are introducing regulations to enforce the proper handling of personal information (especially financial information). Call recording can help you to maintain (and prove) compliance with both internal company and general industry policies and regulations.

Compatible with your existing 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers

You can route your 13, 1300 or 1800 Numbers to your Alltel Hosted Phone System or Local Connect service (as an answerpoint) to record incoming calls.