Why does my business need Fax2Email?

An efficient and cost-effective solution

Eliminate the cost of a fax machine, dedicated fax landline, electricity, paper, toner and on-going maintenance. No software programs to purchase and install.

Add to your existing Alltel services

Alltel’s Fax2Email service is compatible with your existing Alltel 13, 1300 and 1800 Numbers, Local Connect Numbers, Hosted Phone System, Business VoIP and SIP Trunking services.

Access faxes from any device connected to the Internet

Receive and send faxes from anywhere that you have email access, including using a smartphone—anywhere, anytime.

Go “green” to help save money and the environment

Be friendly to the environment by printing only the faxes (or pages) you require. Save money by using less electricity, paper and ink—plus you’ll recycle fewer printer ink cartridges.

Keep your confidential faxes secure

Faxes are sent directly to your email account, so you don’t need to worry about confidential faxes left sitting in the fax machine for anyone to see.

Manage faxes (and other electronic messages) more efficiently

Faxes are easier to store, forward and manage when they’re in digital format. Incorporate Alltel’s Fax2Email service into an overall unified messaging solution for your business to better manage all digital communications.

Make it easy to connect, with no annoying busy signals

Your faxes go directly to our processing centre where we have multiple incoming and outgoing lines, so your customers will never hear a busy signal when sending a fax to you.