Fax2Email (Fax to Email)

Still Need to Send and Receive Faxes Occasionally?
Switch to a “Virtual” Fax to Email Service and Save Big $$$!

With Alltel’s Fax2Email service, you can receive and send faxes with no need for a fax machine and its associated running and maintenance costs. Instead, you receive and send faxes using your computer or smartphone from anywhere that you have email access.

Not only does a Fax2Email service save you money (with no need to pay for a fax machine, dedicated landline, electricity, paper and toner), online faxing provides you with the convenience of being able to access and control your faxes when you’re away from the office.

An internet fax solution receives faxes in digital format which makes them easy to forward, file and archive, plus helps to keep your office greener by reducing the number of printed pages.

How does Fax2Email work?

When you sign up for Fax2Email, we provide you with a dedicated local phone number (e.g. 02, 03, 07 or 08) for your service. You can route your 13, 1300, 1800 and Local Connect numbers to this phone number (as an answer point).

When someone sends a fax to your dedicated fax number, we receive it at our central Fax2Email server. We convert the fax to either PDF or TIFF format, and then send it as an email attachment to your designated email address.

To read your fax, you simply double-click the email attachment to open it. (Note that appropraite software is required to view PDF and TIFF format files.)

How does Fax2Email work?

Fax2Email is compatible with the following Alltel services:

How does Email2Fax work?

Sending a fax is as easy as sending an email attachment. You simply send us an email and attach the document that you want to fax plus provide the recipient’s fax number for delivery. (Supported document types include Word, Excel, PDF and JPEG.) You will receive confirmation once your fax has been successfully sent from our server.

How does Email2Fax work?

View the Fax2Email/Email2Fax and Voice2Email brochure here