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Hosted PBX Phone systems – Build your own

Alltel’s SmartConnect® Hosted Business Phone System (also known as a Hosted PBX) is just like having a phone system in your office, except that the features and functions run from Alltel’s servers and are delivered to you over the Internet.

With SmartConnect® Hosted PBX ‘Build Your Own’ Plans, you get big business feature capability for a small business price tag, low call rates and the freedom to define your own telephony feature requirements across your business.

How does a SmartConnect® Hosted Business Phone System work?

A SmartConnect® Hosted Business Phone System (also called a Hosted PBX service or Virtual PBX service) provides all of the benefits of an expensive big business phone system for a fraction of the price. It’s the word “hosted” that makes all the difference.

Instead of YOU having to pay to install and maintain costly PBX equipment at your office, Alltel looks after that side of things for you. You then access the system through any kind of high-speed Internet service. What makes it extremely convenient is that it’s designed to work with any existing internet connection. You can run your hosted PBX system over ADSL2+ or even NBN!

Even though the phone system isn’t physically installed in your office, your business still has full control over your system through Alltel’s self-management web-based portal. You can add and move phone extensions and change configuration settings in real time.

You don’t need to have all extensions within the one physical office either. With this being a “hosted” system, you can set up a phone number in multiple offices including in employees’ home offices and interstate offices. You can also connect mobile phones and other “softphones” to your system to keep your employees connected even when they’re out of the office.

You’re also not limited to a maximum number of extensions like you are with a physical PBX phone system. Pay for the number of lines and extensions you need to day, and increase (or decrease) as required to meet your business needs.

You make and receive calls in the same way you always have, except that you now have lots of new features to play with. Alltel looks after the physical phone system, monitoring things 24/7 to ensure reliable service and updating the system to ensure you keep up-to-date with the latest advances in technology.

Finally, because the system runs over the Internet, you also get to take advantage of low VoIP rates for all calls!

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