Which ‘Plan’ should I choose?

Ask yourself – how many phone handset extensions does my business require? E.g.) “I have 7 employees, a conference phone and I need a phone in my warehouse – so I need a total of 9 handset extensions…”

Then ask yourself – what are the typical functions of each handset? E.g.) “ I need an advanced handset with advanced features for my Receptionist or Managers, and I just need a basic phone handset for the warehouse.”

This will help you understand which User Plans and how many of each type you will need for your SmartConnect Hosted PBX system.

Then for each handset extension – select a User Plan.

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The below charges are monthly and exclude GST.

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Best suited for your typical “Office Worker”; who needs to efficiently manage communications and interactions with colleagues.



Best suited for more advanced user functions; for instance “Receptionist” and “Managers” who need advanced features to support their business role.



Best suited for key “Executives”, “Mobile Roamers” and “Remote Workers” who need to be contactable at all times, using multiple communication methods (voice, video and collaboration) no matter where they’re located and across any smart device.


Receive your voicemails via your deskphone or via email.

Hunt Group

Route incoming calls to your business to the next available extension based on a pre-selected ‘hunt group’ pattern; e.g. circular, regular, simultaneous or uniform.

  • Circular: sends calls in a fixed order. The call is sent to the first available person on the list, beginning where the last call left off.
  • Regular: sends calls to users in the order listed by an administrator. Incoming calls always go to the first available person on the list.
  • Simultaneous: rings all users in a group simultaneously. The first user to pick up the ringing phone is connected.
  • Uniform: as a call is completed, the user moves to the bottom of the call queue. The next incoming call goes to the user who’s been idle the longest.

Basic Telephony
Make/Receive Calls)

Enables your phone to serve its primary purpose – make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls.

Call Transfer

Allows a user to transfer a call to another phone.

3-way calling

Already on a call? Conference in a 3rd party to join your call. Allows a user to use Three-Way Call conferencing.

Call Forward
Answer/Not Reachable

Redirect incoming calls to your phone based on specific conditions e.g. if line is busy, call will be redirected to another number.

Do not disturb

Allows a user to restrict all incoming phone calls.

Speed dial

Allows a user to program speed-calling codes – for frequent, fast and efficient outbound dialing.

Hunt Group Gold
(with Night Switch and Holiday Schedules)

Same as Hunt Group, but with advanced ‘After Hours’ night switch and holiday scheduling capability – in other words, define how incoming calls are treated outside of business hours.

Simultaneous ring

Out of the office? Have your business phone sync with your mobile & never miss a call. This feature allows a user to configure secondary phone numbers to ring simultaneously when the user’s primary phone number rings.

Call Forward Selective

Allows a user to forward calls from selected callers to another phone number.

N-way calling

Similar to 3-Way Calling – this function allows you to add any number of parties to a call, up to 15 including the original caller.


An intercom capability that allows a user to make and selectively receive Push to Talk calls.

Busy lamp field

Gives a user the visual call state information of all users – e.g.) via light indicators on their phone handset.

Music On Hold

Play Music and promote your organisation while callers are on hold.

Alltel Anywhere
(Desktop and Mobile)

Alltel Anywhere provides you with a desktop & mobile ‘soft-phone’ for your PC or MAC and IOS or Android smart device; giving you call control of your Hosted PBX service when you are on the road or working remotely.

How much will hosted PBX cost?

User Plans (from $9.90 per user monthly) + Hosted PBX Service Charge ($19.90 monthly) + Hosted PBX Set Up ($155.00 Once Off) + Hardware (charged separately).

View the Critical Information Summary.

Other Charges Summary

Service Price Details
Setup $155 Once-off per Hosted PBX Service
Monthly Service $19.90 Monthly per Hosted PBX Service

Numbers Charges

Service Price Details
Single DID number Included Per Service
Single Numbers (additional per number) $2.50 Monthly – Per Number
Block of 10 numbers $15.00 Monthly – Per Block of 10 Numbers
Block of 100 numbers $70.00 Monthly – Per Block of 100 Numbers

Call Rates Summary

View the International Calls Price List

Call Type Rate Details
Local/National Calls $0.09 Per Call
Calls to Mobiles $0.15 Per Min
Calls to 13/1300 $0.25 Per Call
Alltel to Alltel Calls (on same Account) FREE  
International Calls Low rates to popular destinations, eg. 1.9c to the UK  

Hardware Pricing (IP Phone Handsets etc)

All hardware must be purchased separately – refer to the hardware tab for pricing.

Optional Feature Enhancements for your SmartConnect Hosted PBX Service

Alltel’s SmartConnect Hosted PBX supports a full range of cost effective and advanced features and functionality, that can further boost your business efficiency, productivity and professional image. Call us to discuss the additional feature options below, to determine how they can further enhance your business phone system.

Feature Enhancement Solutions

Feature Description
Business Intro Plays a welcome announcement to the calling party – NOTE: this feature is Included as part of your Hosted PBX Monthly Service Charge.
AutoReception Get your own ‘automated’ receptionist to greet your customers e.g.) “Hi you’ve called -Business Name- please press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts etc..” – NOTE: this feature is included as part of your Hosted PBX Monthly Service Charge.
Mobility Upgrade your Basic or Standard Plan with enhanced mobility capability e.g.) manage call settings via a mobile client, utilise simultaneous ring and answer calls to your deskphone via your mobile device.

Call Centre Solutions

Call Centre Solutions Description
Team Q Provide your business with a fully functional Call Centre; with basic queueing capabilities & other functions such as agent states, supervising, and reporting.
Team Q Agent Enhance your Team Q solution – the Team Q Agent User pack provides Team Q Agents with their own web portal for managing their Call Queues.
Team Q Supervisor Enhance your Team Q solution – the Team Q Supervisor User pack provides Team Q Supervisors with their own web portal for managing their Call Queues and Call Agents.

Client Application User Packs

Application Description
Front Office Provide your Receptionist with full visibility of who is available to take a call, who is on a call etc… via a ‘Front Office’ web portal, that allows them to manage and control all calls to your business.
Call Control Toolbar A desktop client that allows for basic call management control (i.e make and accept telephone calls and change telephone settings) from within Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Alltel Anywhere (Desktop) A desktop client providing full collaboration/unified communication functionality coupled with voice and video calling via your PC or MAC desktop.
Alltel Anywhere (Mobile) A mobile client application providing full collaboration/unified communication functionality coupled with voice and video calling via your IOS or Android device.

Hosted PBX Resources

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