Alltel Inbound Numbers

Why every business needs an inbound number

An inbound number is a virtual business number that is exclusively used to receive incoming calls and redirect them to any of your existing phone services. These include 1300 numbers, 1800 numbers, 13 numbers, Smartnumbers, and Local Connect numbers.

Inbound numbers are extremely flexible and completely portable. With a single business number, you can answer calls on your home or office phone, mobile, VoIP phone, fax or live answering service. Since these numbers aren’t tied to a single geographic location, you get to keep the same number even if you move or relocate.

Track the success of your marketing campaigns and gather customer information through Alltel inbound numbers. Your service comes with free comprehensive call reports that give you a clearer insight on your incoming leads, and help you make sound business decisions based on real data.

Offer your customers an easy and low-cost way to call your business with an Alltel inbound number.

1300 numbers

What is a 1300 number?

A 1300 number is a Local Call number that can be dialed from any fixed line Australia at local call rates. The cost of 1300 number calls is shared between the business and caller.

Ideal for:

Businesses who want to project a professional image and improve their marketing response in both a local and national scale.

1800 numbers

What is a 1800 number?

A 1800 number is a Free Call number that can be called from any landline at no cost to the caller. The entire cost of 1800 calls is shouldered by the business.

Ideal for:

Businesses who want to broaden their market by encouraging customers Australia-wide to call a free, reverse-charge number.

13 numbers

What is a 13 number?

A 13 number is a six-digit Local Call number. Since it is shorter and easier to recall, it comes with an additional annual government surcharge.

Ideal for:

Businesses in highly competitive industries that are willing to spend more on a high impact and memorable number


What are Smartnumbers?

A Smartnumber is a 1300, 1800, or 13 number that spell out words when dialed on a keypad, or come in highly notable numerical patterns.

Ideal for:

Businesses looking for a memorable and catchy number that helps advertise their brand at the same time.

Local Connect

What is Local Connect?

Local Connect is a virtual number service that allows businesses to advertise a local number in every capital city.

Ideal for:

Businesses that want flexible call handling options, while keeping a ‘local’ image to attract customers looking for personalised service.

Call Routing

How do you want your calls redirected?

Call Routing, also known as redirection, is a feature of Alltel inbound numbers that allows businesses to customise their call flow and identify which phones to ring based on their availability.

Ideal for:

Businesses of all shapes and sizes! Alltel can customise simple to complex schemes based on time and day, location, and any conditions your business requires.

Inbound number features at a glance

Your business number is an important but often overlooked extension of your brand. The type of phone number you choose may either cast doubt on your abilities, or it can help you project a reliable and professional image that customers trust. So before you choose between a landline, mobile, 13, 1300, or 1800 number for your business, let’s take a look at how they measure up
against each other.

Alltel inbound number vs mobile number

Nothing says amateur more than advertising a mobile number. It makes you seem too small and incapable of delivering the level of service your customers expect– even if the opposite is true. Besides, how many mobile numbers do you know by heart? Alltel inbound numbers are not only easier to remember, but are also widely-recognised professional business numbers.

Alltel inbound number vs landline number

Remember what it’s like to be tied down to your desk, stuck in the office waiting for an important phone call? Not only is it inconvenient, it also keeps you from making the most of your work day. Inbound numbers give you the freedom to go on lunch meetings or pick up the kids from school without fear of missing a single business call.

1300 vs 1800 vs 13 numbers

While similar in function, 1300, 1800, and 13 numbers differ in terms of call charges.

1300 number call costs are shared between the caller and the business. This makes it a popular option among SMEs who want to widen their presence on a limited budget. With callers charged a local rate, this type of inbound number is effective for deterring nuisance and unwanted callers.

1800 number call costs are completely shouldered by the business. These are recommended for established businesses that want a nationwide number that anyone can call at no charge. Since calls to these numbers are completely free for customers, they work best as after-sales and customer support lines.

13 numbers work exactly like 1300 numbers, but are shorter and more memorable with only 6 digits. As it comes with an additional annual government surcharge, this type of inbound number is recommended for large enterprises in highly competitive industries.


Inbound Numbers


Move locations easily without changing your contact number

Not location dependant

National presence

Advanced routing features

Gives the impression of a bigger business


Inbound Numbers


Move locations easily without changing your contact number

Not location dependant

National presence

Advanced routing features

Gives the impression of a bigger business


1300 Numbers

1800 Numbers

13 Numbers

Plans from $14 per month

Australia-wide number

Mobile, landline, fax compatibility

IVR/Auto-Attendant compatibility

Inbound reporting access

Free call for your customers



Annual Government Fees




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