Inbound Numbers

Alltel is a leading specialist provider of Australian 13 numbers, 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers, and a registered Smartnumber® carrier.

Get more customers to call you with a business number that does so much more than just a standard landline number. A virtual number gives you flexibility and portability, while making it more affordable for your customers to call you. Start your Australian inbound number search here!

1300 Numbers

Ideal for businesses who deal largely with “local” customers. Callers dial 1300 numbers for the cost of a local call.

Selected Call Plans provide free talk-time for local, landline-to-landline calls within the same area code. Alltel’s 1300 Numbers can be configured to meet your business needs and are priced from $14 per month.

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13 Numbers

13 Numbers are 6 digits in length (compared with 10-digit 1300 numbers), which makes them easier to remember. Callers dial 13 numbers for the cost of a local call.

The Australian Government incurs an additional 13 number surcharge of $7,980 per annum (or $848.84 per month); this is in addition to your monthly rental and call charges.

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Local Connect Numbers

Local Connect numbers feature the area code of a nominated capital city (e.g., 02, 03, 07) and enhance your local business presence.

Local Numbers provide the same flexibility as 1300 and 1800 numbers and can be routed to your existing phone number; these numbers are priced from $14.95 per month.


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1800 Numbers

Alltel’s 1800 numbers are great for businesses who want to encourage customers to call by offering a free (reverse charge) number.

Our 1800 number solutions increase call response rates, enhance your business image and are priced from $14 per month.

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Smartnumbers are highly memorable 13, 1300, and 1800 numbers which are either patterned (e.g. 1 300 50 10 50) or spell out a word (e.g. 1300 ALLTEL or 1800 PIZZAS).

Once you have decided on a smartnumber, purchase it from the ACMA for $250 upwards and choose from our range of 13, 1300, and 1800 smart number plans that are priced from $14 per month.

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Alltel 1300/1800 and 13 numbers are highly flexible numbers that can be configured with different routing configurations. This service allows you to designate more than just one answerpoint for your inbound number, depending on your business’ changing needs.

You can choose among several types of time or origin-dependent routing options. With the exception of complex configurations, these services attract no additional monthly fee on top of your inbound number plan.

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