Typical Daily Challenges

Education & TrainingIf you’re in the education and training business, you know how to rise to the occasion—especially when it comes to maintaining, building and promoting your services.

  • Wish there was a most straightforward way to increase productivity and product sales? It can be as easy as changing the phone number (local or mobile) that you currently use. A national number clearly identifies your business as a major contender, along with simplifying and focusing your communication needs.
  • Did you know that studies consistently show that ONLY 25% of callers are willing to leave their details on voicemail or an answering machine? You try to personally answer as many calls as you can. But what happens when you’re in a meeting with another customer, conducting a training course or attending a seminar? Are those callers dialling a competitor instead?
  • Does your phone manner help or hinder your business? First impressions are the most lasting, so a prompt, professional and friendly response to calls is key to productive and enduring business relationships.
  • Can you concentrate and do your best when your phone keeps ringing? Probably not. You not only want to—you also need to—know what potential business prospects are on the line. Unfortunately, this distraction can lessen how alert you are to the duty at hand.
  • Are clients confident they can contact you, even when you aren’t at your desk? It’s important that your clients feel this confidence, but there are times when it needs to be handled with care. You don’t want phone calls to interrupt any clients (or potential clients) you may currently be meeting with.
  • Do you sometimes jot down phone messages that you later have trouble deciphering? Important information can be lost in the shuffle of your busy day. While it’s understandable, it reflects poorly on your company’s image when you don’t follow up on a customer call.
  • Do you need help measuring the effectiveness of your different advertising mediums? In education and training you are appealing to the human desire for self-betterment. By identifying successful marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to focus your advertising budget to its fullest advantage.
  • Do you get bogged down with faxes? You know and applaud the fact that the fax machine is soon to be obsolete, but you’re in no way pushing out the clients who continue to rely on faxes.

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