Typical Daily Challenges

Healthcare & Social ServicesWhen we spoke to healthcare workers, we discovered that there are effective solutions to the most frequent stumbling blocks you encounter throughout your working day:

  • Patients not leaving messages when their call goes to the voicemail system. You care for your patients’ health, and you don’t want to waste their time. We have a solution.
  • Which patients are calling and when are they calling? What is the nature of their calls? Imagine having all of this information at your fingertips. This is no longer science fiction!
  • You’re out of the practice and no one can reach you. Being connected is no longer a challenge you should face. Be contactable, but not interrupted.
  • Would you like to offer patients an after-hours emergency phone number? You want to provide the best possible care, but these types of services can be very expensive. On the other hand, you don’t want to be handing your mobile phone number out to everyone!
  • Are faxes the bane of your existence? We understand that you still need to receive and send faxes (it’s kind of fun to be a little old-school, isn’t it?). The good news is that there’s an easier way than having that big fax machine sitting on the receptionist’s desk while she has no room to paint her nails. You owe her a favour.
  • Do your patients perceive you as “trustworthy” like Superman? … or just another busy healthcare worker? It’s no secret that patients prefer to deal with someone who makes them feel better: emotionally as well as health-wise. But you also want to be seen as reputable … trustworthy even! If you were a comic book character, you’d want to be Superman and the citizens of Earth are your patients. Yes, that’s you!
  • Phone ringing at inopportune times? Get out of the dog house and back into the good books! Life is easier when the other half is content … happy even! Imaging being contactable but not interruptible—even when a patient is having an emergency. Be contacted on your terms. Your family life will thank you.

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