Typical Daily Challenges

Start Ups Home OfficesStart ups and home offices face multiple challenges everyday—regardless of what industry they’re in. Put your hand up if one or more of the below sounds familiar:

  • You’d like to grow your business more easily. The key to attracting new customers is to make sure your business seems more professional than your competitors. There’s no getting around it—listing a mobile number as your main business number screams “sole operator.”
  • You’re always missing new customer calls while you’re out doing business. It’s a familiar problem for start ups and home businesses—you’re in a meeting or on a phone to a lead when you get a new customer enquiry. In fact, did you know 75% of callers that get your voicemail hang up without leaving a message? That means they’re probably calling your competitor instead.
  • You’re just not sure whether your advertising spend is worth it. If you regularly employ different sales channels or advertising campaigns to mine for new customers, don’t you often find yourself wishing there was a simpler way to measure their effectiveness and ROI?
  • It’s hard to keep in touch when you’re on the road or away from the office. Being a sole operator or start up means you wear hundreds of different hats—including office receptionist! But how do you remain available for your customers and take that important meeting at the same time?
  • You’ve got crucial deadlines to meet—but your phone won’t stop ringing. It’s great that customers are keen to get in touch! But sometimes you just need to concentrate on finishing an important project (after all, it’s how you pay your bills). So how do you get that perfect balance between servicing current clients and taking new customer enquiries?
  • You get asked regularly if they can fax you the info/order/etc. Larger companies still use faxes—and so should you if you want your business to look larger than it is. But a fax machine is expensive to buy and maintain—especially if you rarely use it.
  • You want that all-elusive work/life balance. One of the joys of working for yourself is the prospect of having more time to spend with the people you care about most. Sadly, the reality is your phone probably rings at all hours—especially when it’s inconvenient at home. How do you balance taking time out from your business while allowing customers to contact you in an emergency?
  • Some days you really wish you could afford one of those whiz-bang phone systems you used to have when you worked for the (wo)man. Those corporate phone systems have extra functionality and features that make your workday a little easier—but they cost a small fortune! You can’t afford the expenditure just yet.

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