Typical Daily Challenges

Hospitality TourismThe corner café, the local bistro, the travel agent, the eco-tour operator … you all have common struggles. Here are some common challenges of being in the hospitality and tourism industry, and the solutions our customers tell us help them most:

  • Challenge #1: Growing your business from the ground up. Appearing professional is a challenge when you’re starting out. Customers may hesitate before calling if you don’t look established. And suppliers might not trust you if you don’t have a long and glorious history of on-time bill payments. At least if you come across as professional, you might earn some trust from the start! There is a way!
  • Challenge #2: You’re getting lots of calls, and I mean LOTS! But you don’t have a receptionist to answer them. And if people can’t get in touch with you, chances are they’re already called a competitor. And that means you’re probably losing business. There is an answer.
  • Challenge #3: Your work hours … let’s just say they’re a little “unique”! Hospitality and tourism professionals can work some crazy hours. It comes with the turf. When you need some down time to, you know, SLEEP, the last thing you need is people calling your phone wanting to do business. You don’t want to miss their calls, but you still need some rest. There is a solution.
  • Challenge #4: You’ve got some ads running, and they seem to be working—you’re just not sure which ones are driving sales! There is an easy way to measure which ads are generating calls.
  • Challenge #5: You need a phone system that impresses, just works, and does things intelligently. But big systems cost a fortune! Without going to great expense and committing to complicated phone systems, you need something that can grow with yoru business and still provide advanced features at a good price. We have a system that you’ll love.
  • Challenge #6: There are a few legitimate reasons for customers to contact you out of hours—how do you limit things so only the essential calls get through? Emergencies can occur at all hours of the day and night, and fixing those emergencies is part of the service you provide. We can help you with that.
  • Challenge #7: You want to provide great customer service, but it’s difficult when you’re trying to focus on something and the phone keeps ringing, or when someone insists on sending you a fax (when you don’t have a fax machine). The good news is that there we offer a range of affordable solutions that will help you get the job done and keep your customers and suppliers happy.

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