Typical Daily Challenges

Road Warriors Mobile WorkersIncreasingly, work is something people do rather than somewhere they go. Whatever kind of “road warrior” you are, you’ll be familiar with the following challenges to doing business:

  • Does being on the road make your business look smaller? Using your mobile phone as your main work number gives potential new customers the idea that you’re “just” a sole operator, so you may seem too small to offer the kind of high-quality reliable service they’re looking for.
  • What if your customers don’t like leaving messages? 75% of customers are more likely to hang up without leaving a message if they get your voicemail. Sadly, they’re probably calling your direct competitor instead. You can’t always pick up every call when you’re a road warrior, but how do you ensure you’re not missing out on potentially lucrative leads?
  • How do you make sure clients can still reach you while you’re on the go? The very nature of business for road warriors means it’s often necessary for people to call you when you’re out and about.
  • Making time to track call info is tricky. Scenario: you’ve pulled off the road to take a new business call but your notepad and pen are in the boot. Capturing important client information takes time, and you’re not always able to jot down names, details and numbers straight away.
  • How do you separate emergency after-hours calls from callers who are merely impatient? There are many situations that require you to be on call—for example, if you’re a property manager, you don’t want to wait until tomorrow to find out that a water pipe has burst! But neither do you want everyone to have access to your mobile number—you have a life outside of work, too!
  • You try to find a balance between answering calls and getting stuff done. Does a constantly ringing phone stop you from doing important work? Statistics show that it can take up to 20 minutes to get back to the job in hand after we’re interrupted. That makes for an extra long workday if you’re running up against a strict deadline. But that ringing phone also represents potential new business. How do you find that all important balance between servicing existing and new clients?
  • Can I fax you? Road warriors rarely have fax machines—but that doesn’t stop your clients wanting to send you a fax.
  • Yet again, your phone rings during dinner. If you’re always in trouble for answering your work phone during “family time”, you’ll know all about this one! It’s important that you take time out from work to relax and be with those you love, but what if your clients have an emergency?

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