Typical Daily Challenges

Professional Business ServicesIt doesn’t matter what services you offer, all professional and business services providers face similar challenges:

  • Are you looking for new ways to build your business? You probably know that first impressions are important. That’s why making your business look more professional will help to attract more customers. If you’re currently advertising using a mobile number, potential customers will assume that you’re a sole operator and may think that you’re too small to offer a reliable and professional service.
  • Would you like to increase your business by up to 75%? It’s a fact that around 75% of callers hang up if their call is answered by voicemail or a machine. And those same callers often dial one of your competitors next. How many of those lost calls represent business that you’re currently missing out on?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating on important jobs when your phone keeps ringing? Some jobs require 100% of your focus. A ringing phone may be annoying when you’re trying to concentrate, but you don’t want to be ignoring existing customers or potential business.
  • Do you have suppliers (or even customers) who want to communicate with you by fax? It’s important to provide multiple communication channels, but it can also be expensive (and a bit of a hassle) to pay for and maintain office equipment that you hardly ever use.
  • Can people contact you when you’re out of the office? It’s important to keep in touch, but it’s equally important to ensure that meetings don’t get interrupted by calls and messages that could have waited an hour (or two). Ideally, you need a discrete way for people to contact you that doesn’t interrupt or offend the customers you’re currently meeting with
  • How effective are your different advertising channels and promotions? When new sales leads contact you, do you always remember to ask them how they heard about you? Do you wish there was an easy way to automate things that would help you to measure ROI for different sales channels/advertising campaigns?
  • Are you constantly getting into trouble at home because your phone keeps ringing? Home is a happier place to be when your family or housemates are happy. After working hard, you also need to be able to take time out to relax. You don’t want to ignore a ringing phone though, because it might be new business or an emergency.
  • Do you wish you could afford one of those high-end phone systems you remember fondly from your corporate days? You remember some great features that would make your job much easier and help you to be more productive, but it’s hard to justify the expense.

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